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Head to the back of the train and talk to Hans Voralberg. He says he wants to get going again as soon as possible but talk to Oscar about it.

As you get off the train you’ll be welcomed by Colonel Emeliov Goupatchev. If you look carefully while he’s putting on the music you can see he drops something to the ground below. He owns the general store which you’ll be visiting a few times.

Walk to the front of the train and wind up the train by turning the wheel on the train winder and then pulling the lever. Have a chat with Oscar. He’ll tell you that we can’t leave until we have coal.

Head into the general store to speak with the Colonel. Talk to him about everything. Go out of the store to the other side of the station to the closed gate. Have a look at the gate and then go back to the Colonel to ask him about the gate key. You’ll notice he’s now behind the counter. Take a look at the desk he was working on earlier.

Syberia 2 Romansberg Candy Machine

Grab the Candy Machine Key to the left and take note of the phone number for Candyroff underneath, 625-122. If you give this number a call you’ll get some information about the different kinds of candy.

Take a look at the three working candy machines and use the key on the third one. Take the coins. Place the fifth coin in the first machine to get the sweet candy and the second coin in the second machine to get the fish candy.

Exit the store, go south once and take a look at the coal machine. Down below you’ll see a little girl.

Syberia 2 Romansberg Malka

Have a chat with her and ask her to pick up the key. You may need to leave and come back to talk to her a second time, when she’s holding a balloon before she tells you what she wants. She’ll want some candy as a reward. Give her the sugar candy and Malka will float the Gate Key up on the balloon.

You can now open the gate to the lower part of town. Watch the cut-scene as your boss hires a detective to go and find you.

Walk to the left and speak with Malka about everything. She’ll tell you about the Bourgoff brothers who are bad but nonetheless may be able to help you with the coal machine. From here go to the left to take a closer look at the coal machine.┬áPick up the Empty Fuel Can.

Continue to the left until you come to a wooden gate with a closed slat. Ring the bell and have a chat with one of the brothers. He’s going to be no help whatsoever but you will find out they definitely have some fuel. End the conversation and continue walking to the left.

The last poster along the wooden fence seems to be covering up a hole. Pull at the top left part of the poster to peel it off and enter the back yard of the Bourgoff brother’s house.

Syberia 2 Romansberg Bourgoff Brothers

In order to get to the fuel can you’ll need to distract one of the brothers first. Open the crate with the baby Polar Bear who will run out of the yard. When the brother chases it walk over and switch the Empty Fuel Can with the Full Fuel Can.

Return to the coal machine engine and use the Full Fuel Can on the engine to fill it up. Press the red button to get it started. Before you go back up the stairs enter the bar to the right and speak with Circo about everything. Have a look at the horses and ask him about the horses. He asks you if you can speak with Hans about fixing the mechanical horses.

Go back up the stairs to the top level and pull the coal machine lever to fill up the train with coal. Oscar will come out and tell you that Hans has disappeared. It’s time to find the little guy.

Getting to the Monastery

Head down the stairs and ask Malka about Hans. She’ll tell you he went into Cirko’s place. Enter Cirko’s and Han’s will see the horses and have a fit, collapsing on the ground!

Go and see Malka and have a talk with her about everything. She’ll tell you about the Monastery. Enter Cirko’s place and talk to him about everything. He’ll tell you about the shroud that you need to use to cover Han’s face and take to the monks. He’ll also tell you that Malka is in charge of assigning the shrouds to people.

Talk to Malka about the shrouds and she’ll give you a Token to use in the machine outside of town. Head all the way to the left to the shroud machine. Use the Token on it and grab a Shroud.

Syberia 2 Romansberg Shroud Dispensere

Walk over the bridge and try to get to the next screen. Kate will say she’s too cold to continue. Go back to the general store and ask the colonel for some warm clothes. He’ll let you climb up the ladder to find something to wear. Pick up the Winter Clothes at the back and go back to the train.

Get changed into your winter clothes in the bathroom and then head to the back of the train to see Hans. Use the Shroud on his face. Now that you have nice warm clothes you can climb up the mountain path so go to the lower part of town, head all the way across to the other side, over the bridge and up the mountain.

You’ll need to take the lift to get into the monastery but the monk at the top won’t let you in. Walk to the right to find a monk washing clothes in the river. Talk to him about everything. He has a particular interest in birds, especially the Merula Alba, or White Raven.

Syberia 2 Romansberg White Raven

Walk all the way back to town and go to the general store. Ask the Colonel for help and he’ll give you three Bird Whistles. Climb back up to the monastery and give the Silver Whistle to the monk doing the laundry. He’ll run off looking for the Merula Alba, giving you a chance to grab the Monk Robe and get changed. Go to the lift, ring the bell and take it up to the monastery.

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