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What Happens?

Now that you have the ability to see ghosts you can light candles and speak to them when they appear. Tequila leaves her room in the morning and speaks to Willow for a few minutes before heading off to the music room. A ghost in the hallway takes quite an interest in her.

Follow Tequila to the music room and speak to the three ghosts so they move out of the way. In the concert room to the north a staff member is practicing on the piano for basically the whole day. If a music disc is playing in one of the rooms he’ll leave at around 2:30 pm to find out what the noise is and turns the gramophone off.

Tequila will start practicing with the piano player shortly after that. The piano player has changed the song so Tequila has to sing different notes. When Tequila hits a specific note the glass window behind her shatters. She’s cut to the bone by the glass and wanders off to the dressing room. The staff member follows her and throws her down the chute when she dies.

The Solution

From the hall with the three ghosts walk to the north to find the Clock. Set your spawn point and begin a new day. Walk to the left and take the Vinyl Record from the turntable.

Walk to the right twice and enter the closet to the north. Place the Vinyl Record in the turntable to play the music.

Head back to the central room and watch the piano player through the door. When he finishes his practice at around 2 pm he’ll here the music playing in the other room and walk off to turn it off. Quickly enter the concert room and take the Closet Key from the piano.

Follow the staff member to the dressing room and use the Closet Key to lock him in the closet. This will end the day and Tequila Belle will be saved. When you pick up her mask you’ll gain the ability to shatter glass.

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