The Sexy Brutale drops you right in the center of a masked ball where the guests are being mysteriously murdered one-by-one. You’ll relive the same day over and over as you try to figure out who has been killed and how to save them.

The game has been described as “brilliant” and features outstanding audio, gorgeous artwork and a charming environment. Walking around the casino mansion is a joy in itself as you follow around the guests and staff in order to figure out what’s going on.

You can’t interact directly with any of the guests or staff at the hotel. You need to be far more discreet. You can spy on them through keyholes, hide in closets to hear what they’re saying and interact with objects while they’re not watching.

In all there are 10 murder mysteries to solve. You’ll need to find and observe them before figuring out how to save them. Events will repeat each day and many can be heard throughout the entire mansion. Why does the bell toll just before 7pm? Why do the lights flicker on and off just after midday? These events will continue until you find a way to stop them.

The Sexy Brutale Walkthrough

Reginald Sixpence
Clay and Trinity
Willow Blue
Tequila Belle
Red and Greyson
Aurum and Thanos
The Marquis