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The Guest Rooms

Make your way up to the room that leads to the Butterfly Room. Now that you have Trinity’s hearing ability you can hear the code as the keys are pressed. Walk one room to the west and use the code to unlock the door.

Take the exit on the other side of the hall and head up the stairs to the guest rooms. Walk to the left twice and down once to reach the hall where the guest rooms are located. You’ll get a brief cut-scene showing Willow Blue.

Take the second door on the right, head right and right again to another hall. Take the door to the top left to find the Winding Key. Exit and take the door to the south to the Bell Room. Take the door to the left to find the clock. Use the Winding Key and then the Pocketwatch on the clock so you’ll wake up here next time.

What Happens?

At the beginning of the day Willow Blue and Tequila Belle meet in the hallway outside the guest rooms for a short exchange. Tequila takes the north exit and heads towards the music room. Willow goes back into her room and enters a secret passage behind one of the paintings.

After spending a while in the secret chamber Willow comes back out and walks towards the Bell Room. She places a key on the hook and hangs herself from the bell.

The Solution

Follow Willow until she hangs herself and then take the Bone Key that she hangs on the hook. Go back to her room and use the key to open the desk. Search the desk to find a Recipe for the Hungry Charm.

Start the day again and walk to the left. Pick up the Hungry Charm and quickly move to the first Hungry Charm Meal shown on the map. Feed the charm and then move to the second location. After feeding the charm the second time you should have a Sated Hungry Charm. You need to feed the charm before Willow makes it to the  secret chamber.

Quickly go through the hidden passage and use the Sated Hungry Charm to open the sealed door. Go inside and head up the stairs.

Wait for Willow to enter. When she lights the candle and starts the ritual turn the wheel to shift the pipe. Water should flow onto the candle below, putting it out. This breaks the spell on Willow and she’ll take off her mask.

When you pick up Willow’s mask you’ll gain her ability to see the unseen but only in rooms where her candles are lit.

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