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What Happens?

You’ll wake up in the Grand Lobby of the Casino. There are two guests you need to save, Clay and Trinity. Take the door to the right twice to find the Lady in Red. She’ll give you the Winding Key so you can activate the Clock. If you want to wake up here each day make sure you also use the Pocketwatch on the clock.

There are 5 exits from this room, including the door you just came from. Use your map to orientate yourself. Remember to press [Space] to find out if there are any noises nearby.

If you head directly to the right at the beginning of the day you’ll find the main casino room. Clay will be gambling and drinking for the whole day. He speaks to Trinity for a while and then she takes the exit to the north.

If you follow Trinity you’ll see that she tries to enter one of the locked doors to the north. A staff member tries to turn her away but she figures out the code and enters anyway. She enters the Butterfly Room and gets caught in there for the rest of the day.

If you hurry to this room before Trinity gets there and look inside you’ll see a staff member milking a giant spider for its venom. He then takes it down to the main casino room and puts it on a plate next to Clay.

At the end of the day Clay drinks the venom and dies, while Trinity gets wrapped up by the giant spider. If you look in the Butterfly Room at the end of the day you’ll notice a second body in the room with Trinity.

The Solution

At the beginning of the day head all the way to the right and then go through the door to the south of the main casino room where Clay is gambling. This is the Security Room.

The main screen isn’t showing anything yet but you can show feeds from the CCTV cameras if they are turned on. Look at the note hanging on the machine to the left to find the Key-Code for the CCTV consoles. Open your map to see where the consoles are located.

Head to the north and use the console in the room just to the south of where Trinity is trapped. This turns on CCTV Camera 3 in the Butterfly Room.

Head back to the south and enter the Security Room again. Use the computer to show the live feed of CCTV3 to the large screen where Clay is gambling. He’ll see Trinity trapped in the room and run to save her.

After saving both of them you’ll get Trinity’s mask which makes your hearing much more acute. You can here conversations and other noises far more accurately. For the next mission you’ll be heading up to the guest rooms to save Willow Blue.

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