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As you ride up the lift enemies will start to drop in. If you can grab the Cells before they hatch you won’t need to fight them. Luna from the Help () will also pick up the Cells if you activate her.

Fight (): Highrise Gondola

A Weed will drop in first, followed by a few Creeps and more Weeds. Lastly a Snapshot drops in for the fight. A fairly easy fight so nothing to worry about here, especially if you manage to grab the Cells before they hatch.

Ride the lift to the Highrise and follow the path up to the northeast. You’ll pass an Access Point along the way. At the end of the path you’ll have another fight.

Fight (): Terrace Apartments

There’s a new enemy here similar to your Luna. This one is called Fetch. This dog will chase after you and bark at you repeatedly. It’s fairly tough with 500 HP. Try to take it out first with backstabs and then finish off the Weeds.

If you want to see Red’s apartment continue up to the northeast and enter the Terrace Apartments. Enter Apartment 3, which is Red’s home, and you’ll stop for a pizza.

Come back out and then head up the stairs to the northwest. The stairs down on the left lead to a terminal with some information about the outbreak. Continue up to the north and ride the lift up to the Rooftop. When you step onto the rooftop a fight will begin.

Fight (): Starting to Lose

Another Fetch to deal with her but also 2 Cheerleaders and 2 Weeds. Take out the Cheerleaders first and then deal with the Weeds and Fetch. If you can take out Fetch in a turn attack it first otherwise it will run to the weeds to heal.

Continue up to the northeast. Transistor will start to sound a little off. Kill the 4 Weeds blocking the end of the path and save the game at the Access Point. Stop to look at the Bathing Pool if you want, then head down the ramps to the southeast.

At the bottom you’ll detect a Backdoor in the Alcove. Head south first for another fight.

Fight (): OVC Relay

You’ll be attacked by 3 Cluckers that have been upgraded to version 2.0. They now have an “anti-chase tail” that slows you down when you try to run after them. Stay off to the side as you chase after them and stay out of their bomb radius.

When you’re done come back up and go through the Alcove if you want to try some more tests or practice with different functions. When you come back out you’ll be straight into a fight.

Fight (): Jallaford Square

You’ll face 2 YoungLady 2.0 but luckily there are lots of pillars to hide behind. Remember you can only hit them once before they teleport away. Try to release Luna with the Help () function to distract them. Once you kill them they’ll release lots of Cells. Use a Turn to pick them all up quickly.

Head up the stairs to the north to the Access Point. To the east you’ll find another OVC Terminal. The path north takes you to the next fight.

Fight (): Highrise Median

This time you’ll have to deal with 4 Operator boxes that spawn enemies. The fight won’t start until you attack so spawn Luna if you’re using her. The Operators will spawn Creeps, Snapshots and Bad Cells.

Continue up to the northeast and you’ll catch sight of the spine. Walk up the ramp and ride the lift up to Bracket Towers.

When you get off the lift take the path down to the south for an OVC Terminal and a Backdoor where you can take more tests. When you’re done head up to the northeast and go through the Gazebo.

The spine will start attacking now but you can’t damage it. Quickly Jaunt or smash your way through the columns that block your path and make your way to the north through the Greenhouse.

Continue to the north until you find the Access Point at the base of the stairs. Head up the stairs for the next fight.

Fight (): Brackets Tower Plaza

You’ll be attacked by a Fetch, multiple weeds and Snapshots. Once again if you can take out the Fetch in a single turn do it otherwise deal with the Weeds first so the dog can’t heal. As you continue to the northwest you’ll come across more Weeds and the Snapshot. The Spine will continue to attack and will sometimes kill the enemies in a single shot.

Follow the path to the south and enter the Bracket Towers Courtyard where you’ll find an Access Point. Head to the west to a Terminal where you’ll learn about the monster. The path to the north will take you to a large ramp. Head up the ramps to the next fight.

Fight (): Bracket Towers B1

There are only 2 Fetch enemies here but they’ve been upgraded to version 2.0 which gives them a Hunting Cloak. At times they’ll be invisible. It works just like Mask (). Wait till they appear and hit them with everything you’ve got.

Quickly make your way up to the northeast and take the Stairwell Up. Follow the only path around and take the lift up to the Bracket Towers Gondola. While you ride the lift you’ll need to avoid the Spine so keep moving.

Up the top you’ll find another Access Point. Save the game here and get ready for a boss fight.

Boss Fight (): The Spine of the World

The Spine has 3,000 HP and a powerful machine gun attack. When you’re not attacking use Mask () to stay hidden or hide behind the columns.

I like to use Help () so Luna can do additional damage. Then use Jaunt () with Breach () and just Jaunt into the Spine over and over again. It’s a quick attack so you should be able to get in 8 or 9 attacks in a single turn. Finish off by using Mask () with Load (). This should make you invisible at the end of the turn while exploding for over 200 damage.

After the Spine has taken about 1000 damage it will release Cells. Use one of your Turns to pick them all up as you’ll have bigger problems if they turn into enemies.

Once the Spine has been defeated go Inside. Run along the cave and strike the heart of The Spine to destroy it completely. When you’re done go through the door to the Bracket Towers Concourse.

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