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After the ride head to the north and go through the Port 37 Archway. You’ll immediately be in a fight with a new enemy called Snapshot.

Fight (): DeBesis Pier

Snapshots like to disrupt your vision by taking pictures. The pictures will flash up on your screen obscuring your vision. They’re more annoying then dangerous. They’re fairly weak so take them out however you want.

Just to the northwest you’ll find the Backdoor. This is a safe area where you can practice your skills and take a variety of tests. If you want to level up faster it’s recommended that you take the tests. You’ll get at least 10% experience for each completed test. More will open up as you find other Backdoors.

Leave and then continue to the northeast for the Access Point. Once you use it you’ll be in a fight with 4 Snapshots.

Fight (): The Waterfront

Even 4 Snapshots are very easy to deal with. Use them to get some practice with any new functions you want to try out.

After the battle continue to the northeast for another fight.

Fight (): Raster Plaze

For this fight you’ll just see a large white block with 800 HP. This is a Spawner and will pop out enemies from time to time. Try to kill it quickly before it spawns too many processes. It does have a limit to how many enemies it can spawn but if you kill it quickly it won’t spawn any at all.

Continue to the north and go through the Canals District. As you walk to the east you’ll see a new enemy called the Clucker.

Fight (): Cloudbank Canals

The Cluckers run quite fast on their two little legs and through exploding eggs at you with a large area of effect. There’s only two of them here so use your turn to close the distance and take them out.

After the battle you’ll probably be at Level 5. At this level you can choose a new function and unlock a Cache slot which gives you passive bonuses.

Walk to the south over the bridge and then into the alcove to the northwest with the Access Point for an optional fight.

Fight (): Stratus Court

There’s nothing here but 2 Cluckers and a few Weeds. The Weeds have upgraded to version 2.0 so have a larger area of effect. Take them out first and then deal with the Cluckers.

Check out the Terminal if you want and then head back to the Access Point and go south where you’ll be attacked by Badcells.

Fight () The Hairpin

At first it just looks like BadCells but as you move south you’ll also spot 2 Cluckers and 4 Weeds. The BadCells have almost no health but attack fast. Take them out first, then deal with the Weeds and Cluckers to end the fight.

Make your way up to the northeast and you’ll spot a group of Cluckers watching you from the rooftop. Continue through the exit to the Floating Point.

Walk to the east and take a look at the observation point on the bridge if you want. Continue over the bridge to another Backdoor. Try out the tests for the experience and then come out and go through the exit to the South Frustum Road. Walk south to the next fight.

Fight (): Floating Point

As you walk south you’ll notice 2 Cluckers protected by 2 Cheerleaders. The Cheerleaders have been upgraded to version 2.0 and now amplify the attacks of those they protect. Run past the Cluckers to take out the Cheerleaders. Then finish off the Cluckers and the one Creep hiding at the back.

Make your way south to the Access Point and enter the Ferry Building. There’s a Terminal you can check out to the northwest, otherwise head down to the southwest for the next fight.

Fight (): Road to Highrise

For this fight you’ll face 4 Snapshots. They’ve been upgraded but are still more of a nuisance then anything else. THere’s also 3 Cheerleaders, a Clucker and 3 Weeds. Not too much to worry about so take them out as you see them.

After the fight continue down to the southeast. You’ll notice the town seems to be disappearing and white blocks are in it’s place. Take the exit to the Highrise District.

Head north to the Access Point and then take the lift up to the Main Gondola to end this section.

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