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Go through the Entryway and make your way up the tower to the OVC Terminal where you have a private message from Asher. Continue up the tower to the rooftop and head up the ramps to a large room with an Access Point, Backdoor, 2 OVC Terminals, Security Firewall and two exits to the Archive Gallery and Maintenance Wings.

You’ll need to visit both the Gallery and the Maintenance wings to unlock both sides of the security firewall. We’ll start with the Maintenance wings.

Maintenance Wing

Enter the maintenance wing and you’ll notice 2 Launchers. The one to the left will take you to an OVC Terminal with another message. Listen to it first and then take the Launcher to the right. You’ll jump straight into a fight.

Fight (): Maintenance Lvl 1

This fight introduces you to Weed 3.0 which spawns more Weeds when you kill it. There’s also an Operator that will spawn a few enemies. Not too much to worry about here. Kill all the enemies and continue on your way.

Head up the steps to the Access Point and the next Maintenance Shaft Door. Go through to enter the next fight.

Fight (): Maintenance Lvl 2

For this fight you’ll have to deal with enemies on different platforms. You’ll need to either use the Launcher to get across the gaps or use Jaunt () if you have it. The first platform has a Weed, the other three platforms have both a Weed and a Cluker 3.0.

The 3.0 version of the Clucker has a bomb that leaves a disrupter effect. You can’t take your turn if you touch or pass through the disrupted area. The other Cluckers are fairly easy to take out, just stay out of reach of their bombs as you finish them off.

Once the battle is over launch up to the western side and use the Terminal for a message from Asher and then to the east to the Maintenance Shaft. Go through and head up the ramp to the next fight.

Fight (): Maintenance Lvl 3

It’s just one YoungLady and Weeds but the YoungLady has upgraded to version 3.0 which lets her spawn Bad Cells. The Bad Cells have also been upgraded and now have a Blast Shield. Take out the YoungLady and Weeds as before.

Go to the OVC Terminal to the northwest to override the first half of the Firewall. Sign out and take the Concourse Gondola down to the large room below.

Head over to the other side and go through the door to the Archive Gallery.

Archive Gallery

Walk to the southeast and then up the ramp for the first fight.

Fight (): Archives Foyer

The Archives introduces you to Creep 3.0. They continue using their 3-way beam but also have a gravity ray and increased HP. Luckily there’s only 3 of them so take them out and continue on your way.

Head up to the northeast and take the ramp up to a large platform. To the northeast is another ramp up to an OVC Terminal with a message from Asher. When you come back down the ramp the next fight will trigger.

Fight (): Archives Record-Keeping

The Cheerleaders have been upgraded to 3.0 as well. This gives them a Self Shield that protects them intermittently. You’ll need to wait for the shield to dissipate before attacking. There are only 2 Cheerleaders and 1 Creep in this fight.

Go up the ramp to the northwest to the Access Point and continue up to the Break Room if you want to take a break. Head up the ramp to the north and get ready for another fight.

Fight (): Archive Top-Shelf

This time the Snapshots get an upgrade to version 3.0. Not only do they get a HP increase but they have the Uncertainty Generator that clouds most of your view. It’s quite annoying so try to take them out quickly. You have 4 Snapshots and 1 Cheerleader in this fight.

Walk down the ramp straight into the next fight.

Fight (): Archives Old Vault

This is a fairly simple fight with a Cheerleader, Creep and 2 Snapshots. All of them are upgraded to version 3.0. Take out the Cheerleader first and then deal with the others.

After the battle make your way to the southeast to the Access Point and OVC Terminal where you can unlock the second half of the Firewall.

Firewall Room

Take the Concourse Gondola down to the Firewall room. As you step into the room you’ll notice a Jerk 3.0 and other enemies. They shouldn’t notice you right away so you’ll have a chance to attack first.

Fight (): Bracket Towers Concourse

For this fight you’ll face a Jerk 3.0, a Cheerleader, Clucker and a Snapshot. The Jerk has a new ability where he latches onto you and tries to real himself in. If you have Jaunt you should easily be able to stay away from him. If not try something like Switch () to charm him. Take out the Cheerleader first and then the Jerk. Clean up the rest to complete the fight.

The Security Firewall should be unlocked so go through and you’ll automatically take the lift up to the top. make your way along the path to the Rooftop Access.

On the Rooftop you’ll see what remains of a laboratory with two dead bodies. Use the OVC Terminal to receive a message and then take a look around. Examine the bodies and you’ll figure out where you need to go. You’ll also get 20% experience even though you didn’t need to fight anyone.

When you’re done looking around go to the Process Swarms in the glass tubes. You’ll ride them over to the next area.

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