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When the game begins you’re standing over a dead body with a sword. It’s not just any sword, it’s Transistor, the talking sword.

Once you pull out Transistor you’ll be given your first two programs Crash () and Breach (). The first is a short ranged melee attack that has a base damage of 50. The second is a long ranged attack with a base damage of 100. You do more damage if you manage to backstab enemies.

There are many things to investigate in the city so feel free to look around and explore the sights. For this walkthrough I’ll be sticking to the main story and events. Make your way to the northeast and kill the first enemy called “Process”. It will turn into a Cell and then come back to life. If you don’t pick up Cells fast enough they will respawn into enemies.

Continue northeast through the barrier and try to leave. Three Creeps will try to stop you.

Fight (): 16th Street High-Pass

The game will start the Turn () program and you’ll be able to plan your attacks. You’ll be shown what to do for the first turn. Hitting multiple enemies with each attack is always a good idea. Wait for the next Turn () to activate and finish off any remaining enemies.

After the fight you’ll be given some experience. Walk to the Break Point and go through to the next area. Continue along the walkway and stop to look through the telescope if you wish. Then enter the Promenade.

Fight (): Goldwalk Promenade

Just to the right you’ll spot a Creep and a few Bad Cells. Use Breach () attacks to take out the Creep and finish off the Bad Cells to end the fight.

There’s a body nearby. It’s the body of Platt, L. Examine the body to find the Spark () process. This is an attack that shoots out bombs in a small area. It’s useful for mopping up groups of weaker enemies. If you use the Terminal to the northwest to vote on the weather you’ll be attacked by a group of 8 Bad Cells. It’s a perfect opportunity to test out the Spark ().

Make your way east and then northeast where you’ll spot a poster of yourself. When you turn around you’ll be attacked by a new enemy called the “Young Lady”.

Fight (): They Took Your Voice

This enemy has 250 HP and will teleport away whenever you hit her. This means you’ll rarely get more then one hit on her per Turn (). Backstab with Breach () to cause the most damage. Once she’s defeated she’ll turn into a bunch of Cells. The Cells quickly turn into Bad Cells. Clear them out out with Spark ().

Go through the door to the Break Point and walk up to the next doorway. You’ll need to interact with both pressure pads to open the door. Use a Turn () to interact with one pad and then quickly run to the other pad. Once you hit both pads at roughly the same time the doors will open.

Head through to the next platform where you’ll find a man with Jaunt (). Go through to the Courtyard for another battle. This time with an enemy called Jerk.

Fight (): Location Data Unavailable

The Jaunt () ability will come in really handy so you can dash away from this big guy. When your Turn () begins dash behind him and backstab with Breach () for maximum damage. A Creep will also join the battle so you may be able to us the Breach () to target both enemies.

After the battle you should level up. You can choose a new ability from either Bounce () or Mask (). If you want to stay alive for a little longer use Mask () as this ability lets you stealth for short periods of time.

Use the Access Point to save your game and move around the various abilities. Once you’re happy with your loadout go through the Break Point. You’ll run back out as you’re attacked by another Jerk.

Fight (): Location Data Unavailable

This Jerk has been upgraded to level 2.0 but the basic combat tactics are the same. Jaunt () behind him and backstab with Breach (). If you’re lucky you might be able to hit one of the 3 Creeps at the same time.

Finish off the enemies and then go through to the Expressway. Hop on the bike and you’ll ride to the next area.

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