Trine 2 WalkthroughThree heroes, the beautiful Zoya, the stout Pontius and the anxious Amadeus, are together once more for Trine 2. If you haven’t played the first game this is a gorgeous action/puzzle side-scroller with a fabulous soundtrack.

We’ll be going through the complete Trine 2 walkthrough with tips and hints for finding all the secrets. This includes the original Trine 2 plus the expansion, The Goblin Menace.

Trine 2 Characters

In Trine 2 you play three heroes, a thief, a wizard and a knight. Except for the first level you can change between characters as often as you like. In multiplayer you can each take a character to play. Each of the heroes has different skills and abilities.

rine Enchanted Edition Characters

Amadeus the Wizard – Amadeus is probably the most useful character of the game. He’s able to summon boxes and planks that you can use to solve puzzles or stand on. Boxes are often needed to be used as weights or supports.

Zoya the Thief – Zoya has a bow that she can use to shoot enemies or items from a distance. She also has a rope and grappling hook to swing from rings or pull and attach items together. She can learn the frost and fire arrow skills as well as stealth and…

Pontius the Knight – Is the most robust hero and has a sword to attack enemies. He also has a hammer to smash through barriers and can learn the fire sword skill and charge.

To switch between characters press 1, 2 or 3. If you’re playing single player you’ll want to switch between heroes pretty quickly to solve puzzles or perform a range of actions needing various special abilities.

Trine 2 Walkthrough

Level 1: The Story Begins – The three heroes join together once more for another grand adventure. Play each of the characters one at a time to find out how they meet.

Level 2: Forlorn Wilderness – Make your way through the wilderness to the first boss, the Basilisk!

Level 3: Mudwater Dale – After traveling through the forest the three heroes find the enchanted talking flower.

Level 4: Mosslight Marsh – Head through the dark marshland and face the Goblin Boss!

Level 5: Petrified Tree – Finally the three heroes make it out of the damp marsh and indoors into a giant tree!

Level 6: Shadowed Halls – A dragon! Need I say more?

Level 7: Hushing Grove – After a dinner with the beautiful Rosabel the three head into the Hushing Grove for a battle with goblins.

Level 8: Mushroom Caves – In an effort to find a shortcut to the castle the heroes work their way through the Mushroom Caves.

Level 9: Mushroom Murk – Having fallen down a slippery slide the heroes are now trapped within a cavern with giant monsters!

Level 10: Searock Castle – Prepare for a battle with the Goblin King. A beautiful but long level with scenes of the ocean side.

Level 11: Eldritch Passages – A challenging level with poisonous slime everywhere!

Level 12: Icewarden Keep – The three heroes have been captured. They must escape the cell and find the two sisters.

Level 13: The Final Chapter – This is it! The final chapter. Defeat the dragon and free the beautiful princess Isabel.

Trine 2: Goblin Menace Walkthrough

Level 1: The Heroes Return – After returning from their adventure the heroes discover their town is under attack by goblins and Amadeus’ wife has been kidnapped.

Level 2: Deadly Dustland – After being carried away by a Wyvern the three heroes must find there way through a barren desert.

Level 3: Belly of the Beast – A giant sandworm consumes the three heroes who now find themselves stuck inside a giant best.

Level 4: Brackenridge Rise – Finally out of the beast the heroes search for a flying machine.

Level 5: Cloudy Isles – A beautiful cloudy island that has been overrun with goblins.

Level 6: Goblin Machinations – The final battle with the goblin machine.

Level 7: Dwarven Caverns – Find the secret map pieces to unlock this bonus level.

Trine 2 was released by Finnish game developer, Frozenbyte, in 2011 for Windows, Playstation and Xbox Live. The Complete Story was released in 2013 and includes the original game with the Goblin Menace DLC and the level called the Dwarven Caverns.

Trine 2 received very positive reviews when it was released. IGN gave it a score of 9 out of 10 saying it was one of the prettiest games of the year. Metacritic also praised Trine 2 giving it a score of 85% for the Xbox version.