After taking the slippery slide from the Mushroom Caves the heroes find themselves in a cold and dark cavern. What monsters lie within?

Experience Points: 35

Monster Points: 10

Level Secrets: 2

Mushroom Caves

To the right you’ll see a water plant and a giant spider that will kill you with one strike if you try to walk past.

Trine 2 Level 9 Mushroom Murk 1

Use a box and a plank to make a path for the water to the sparkly point and then shoot the water bulb with an arrow. This will make a path of leaves over the spider.

Jump onto the swinging rock and over to the left. There’s a secret entrance to a cave here with the first secret chest of the level.

Trine 2 Level 9 Mushroom Murk 2

You may need to make a plank from the ledge to the wall to get up to it. Inside the chest is a beautiful painting of a mushroom forest.

Jump across the leaves to the bouncy mushrooms. Half way up is the next checkpoint but you’ll be attacked by goblins here.

Continue making your way up the leaves and platforms, through the fireballs, until you reach the top.

Trine 2 Level 9 Mushroom Murk 3

If you break the rocks to the left and climb up as far as you can go you’ll find a heart. With so many checkpoints around I never find the hearts that useful.

Jump to the right, take out the goblins and pull the lever to open the huge gate. On the other side of the gate is a goblin with fire swords. Use Pontius to block and then take him out.

Trine 2 Level 9 Mushroom Murk 4

At the next checkpoint you’ll find a high bridge with a few wooden platforms below it and a cart.Trine 2 Level 9 Mushroom Murk 5Zoya can grapple down to a small cave below the first wooden platform but you’ll need to break the rocks first from the second platforms. Use the cart to jump down to the second platform so you can break the rocks with an explosive arrow or by throwing the hammer.

Jump back up to the bridge with cart and pull the lever to open the gate. You can now jump in the cart and roll through.  Use the blower to blow away the poison just after the gate. Jump down and slide down the slippery slope to the next checkpoint.

If you want to get all the experience points run to the left and break the rocks with the boulder behind it for a single experience orb. Otherwise put a plank below the water and move it across to the sparkly area.

Trine 2 Level 9 Mushroom Murk 6

Jump on the bouncy leaves to the next checkpoint. The next secret chest is found in another beautiful location by some waterfalls. I couldn’t reach it with the bouncy mushroom so I just built a plank and two boxes, shown in the picture below, to reach over the edge and jump up to the chest.

Trine 2 Level 9 Mushroom Murk 7

Inside the chest is the collectible poem for the Mushroom Murk. Now drop down the waterfall and slide down the slippery slope.

After falling into an underground lake climb up to the right to end the level. Finally the three heroes have found the Searock Castle!