The three heroes are stopped dead in their tracks by a terrifying dragon! Once past the dragon head through the Shadowed Halls in search of the mysterious lady.

Experience Points: 90

Monster Points: 20

Level Secrets: 2

Shadowed Halls

It’s in the Shadowed Halls that the three heroes first come face to face with the form of the dragon. On the other side of the pit of fire is a button that you can either shoot with an arrow or place a box on. This will dispel the dragon.

Trine 2 Level 6 Shadowed Halls 1Jump across the pit and break through the wooden barrier at the end of the hall. In the next room is a checkpoint followed by a pit in the ground with fireballs. Time your jumps and make your away across to the wheeled contraption.

Push or move the contraption all the way to the closed gate. There are three buttons here that all need to be pressed.

Trine 2 Level 6 Shadowed Halls 2Place boxes on the two buttons on the ground and then run into or shoot an arrow at the third on the wall. You should be able to drop down and run through the open gate now.

In the next room is a checkpoint, pipes with flames and a cauldron. If you’re going for all of the xp move the right-most pipe piece under the cauldron so that the flames shoot straight up. Monsters will start spawning now and you can kill them for extra experience. Replace the pipe piece when you are done.

Head upwards and smash through the wooden barrier at the top. To get through this room you’ll have to time your jumps across all the flappy platforms to the right and pull the lever.

Trine 2 Level 6 Shadowed Halls 3This will open the gate down below next to the cauldron.

In the next room you’ll be faced with two spinning wheels of fire. On the other side of the wheels is a button which opens the gate below it. The flames will destroy the wizard’s boxes so grab one of the metal balls to the right and place it on the button.

Drop down and use Zoya to swing across to the experience orbs.

Trine 2 Level 6 Shadowed Halls 4The easiest way to get up the stairs is by using Amadeus to push them over his head. A spider waits for you at the top of the stairs so get ready with Zoya’s frozen arrows.

In the next room you’ll see a couple of mirrors and a lever. I didn’t bother messing about with the mirrors. The easiest way up is to use three boxes stacked on top of each other.

Trine 2 Level 6 Shadowed Halls 5Float on the bubbles as high as you can, past the fireballs for some experience potions in crates. Then head off to the right for the next checkpoint.

Jump on the tipping platform and over to the right for the first secret chest of this level. Inside you’ll find another collectible poem about the two sisters.

Trine 2 Level 6 Shadowed Halls 6To stop the monsters spawning from the cauldron head down below and replace the straight golden pipe for the cap piece.

Trine 2 Level 6 Shadowed Halls 7From this basement area continue to the right. There’ll be a spinning fire wheel over a large gap and a lever on the other side. Create a couple of boxes and jump over the fire wheel to the right. From here you can grab the experience orbs and pull the lever which opens the platform over the gap so you can jump across more easily.

Climb out of the basement and go to the right for another checkpoint. Continue on and you’ll find yourself outside with two mirrors.

Trine 2 Level 6 Shadowed Halls 8Jumping from one to the other should allow you to get high enough to collect all of the experience orbs.

Place a box on the platform to the right to open up a trapdoor. Run down the stairs and read the book. Jump through the mirror and you’ll end up in a room above this one.

This is a fairly tricky area with flappy platforms and mirrors to the right. Climb the flappy platforms to the stone platform with the lever.

Trine 2 Level 6 Shadowed Halls 9From here move the slanted mirror to the bottom right so the fireballs shoot through it and hit the button below the stone platform. This will open the gate to the right, but how to reach it? Just above the gate is a wooden beam so Zoya can actually swing over to the gate.

Beyond the gate is a checkpoint with a few spiders to deal with. I find it easiest to take them out with Zoya’s frozen arrows.

Once the spiders have been defeated you’ll come to a room with pink fireballs and a spike swinging from the roof.

Trine 2 Level 6 Shadowed Halls 10

You’ll need to make a box or plank against the left rock wall to be able to jump over it. Find the next checkpoint and collect the experience on the spinning wheel. To the right of the spinning wheel up the top is a lever that opens the gate on ground level.

Trine 2 Level 6 Shadowed Halls 11

Before you drop down to the gate jump straight up and to the right from the lever to find a secret area with the second secret chest of the level. There’s also some experience potions held up by wooden beams in the top right of the screen. Inside the chest is a collectible painting.

Trine 2 Level 6 Shadowed Halls 12

Now drop down and go through the gate.

The next room has boxes dropping down into a fire pit. Place a box on a plank that’s hanging over the pit. This should get you close enough to the other edge to jump over without a problem.

Outside is another two mirrors. Jump out of the mirrors onto the swinging platform. Continue up the path to the right and inside for the next checkpoint.

Above the checkpoint is a gap in the roof. Build up some boxes and climb on through.

Trine 2 Level 6 Shadowed Halls 13

Inside you’ll find three experience potions. Grab them and head back down. Use the lever to bring the lower mirror closer to the lever so you can jump through up to the top level.

I got over the next gap using the plank and box trick as in the picture below. You’ll need to move the mirror far enough over to the left for this to work.

Trine 2 Level 6 Shadowed Halls 14

Once you’re over you’ll find the next checkpoint and a room with a flamer and cauldron. Use Amadeus to turn the flamer towards the cauldron and heat it up. Turn the lever in the middle to open the gate and run through the next few rooms to end the level.

Continue on to the next level, the Hushing Grove.