All of the boss fights have been easy compared to what you’re about to face, a battle with a real dragon! Isabel is still caught in a sleep spell. The heroes must break the spell by defeating Rosabel.

Experience Points: 0

Monster Points: 0

Level Secrets: 2

The Final Chapter

While there aren’t any monsters or experience points in this level there still are two secret chests to find. The first one is found by dropping off the cliff to the left.

Trine 2 Level 13 The Final Chapter 1

You’ll need to break the barrier first as you fall with a fire arrow and then grapple onto the wooden platform. Inside this secret chest is a collectible poem called Rosabel’s Lament.

Grapple back up the side of the cliff and enter into the tree house for the second chest.

Trine 2 Level 13 The Final Chapter 2 This secret chest is not really a secret because it’s impossible to miss. It contains the last collectible painting.

Move the picture aside and head up the stairs into the magic mirror.

When you try to rescue Isabel, Rosabel will call her pet dragon. Get ready for a tough fight.

Trine 2 Level 13 The Final Chapter 3

The picture on the top right shows the areas of the dragon that you need to attack, his earrings and horns. There are sparkly points on the ground to the left and right and a revive orb to the top left.

Push the button on the left to let the water flow and grow the plant. On the right pull the leaf to the left to make the water drop down onto the sparkly area.

You may need to get up on either side to target his horn and earrings.

Watch out for his flaming breath. Switch to Pontius and block it with his shield.

Trine 2 Level 13 The Final Chapter 4

Whenever you need to resurrect one of your heroes climb up the plant on the right to the orb.

Once you have hit all the points on the dragon the beautiful sleeping princess will awaken.

Trine 2 Level 13 The Final Chapter 5

Congratulations on completing Trine 2! Stay tuned for more Trine 2 with The Goblin Menace DLC.