After encountering the magical flower the three heroes travel deeper into the forests of Mosslight Marsh. You’ll have to face a giant Goblin Boss before finishing this level and finding the Trine once more.

Experience Points: 110

Monster Points: 25

Level Secrets: 2

Mosslight Marsh

It’s time to find the lady of the forest. Run to the right and jump over the flappy platforms above the poisonous plants. The first checkpoint is on the other side.

Trine 2 Level 4 Mosslight Marsh 1Just past the checkpoint break the boards in the roof and grapple up for a secret area with lots of fireball throwing plants. There’s enough experience potions here to make it worthwhile and a heart if you are low on health.

Trine 2 Level 4 Mosslight Marsh 2Head back down and place a wooden box in one of the spikes above the poisonous pit. Now you can use the wooden box to let Zoya grapple her way across.

Slide down into a new area and take out the goblin archers. Jump quickly up the flappy platforms for the first secret chest. Inside is a Collectible Poem.

Trine 2 Level 4 Mosslight Marsh 4Head over to the right for the next checkpoint.

To the right is a stone wall and wooden boards. Shoot a flaming arrow at the boards to clear the way and grapple across to the next checkpoint.

After the checkpoint you’ll have to jump across a wooden platform followed by three flappy platforms. It’s made harder by the fact there’s a swinging spiked ball above the platforms.

Trine 2 Level 4 Mosslight Marsh 5If you make it across you’ll find the next checkpoint and be greeted by a number of goblins. Continue to the right and just above the pipes in the water is a secret entrance to a cave with the second secret chest with a collectible painting.

Trine 2 Level 4 Mosslight Marsh 6Ok so you can see the chest but how do you get across to it? Stand on the left platform and build boxes underneath the right platform when it opens up. This should lock it at least partly in the open position so you can jump across to it.

Head back out and position the pipes so that they blow the air up the side of the cliff face. Jump into the air stream and let it take you to the top of the cliff.

Use Amadeus to tip the water onto the sparkling ground to grow a giant mushroom plant. The next checkpoint is not far away to the right.

Once again you’re faced with poison and flame throwing plants. Jump across the flappy platforms, trying to time between the fireballs. Putting a plank on the plants helps as well.

Trine 2 Level 4 Mosslight Marsh 7

To the right you’ll face more goblins and spiked swinging balls. Some careful timing should see you through fairly easily.

To get the plant to grow use Amadeus to pull the plant across and shift the lower log up so the water flows to the sparkly area below.

Trine 2 Level 4 Mosslight Marsh 8This will grow a nice big leaf so you can jump across up the top. Continue to the right and face the huge goblin. Try to stay away from him as much as you can because one swipe will kill one of your characters.

Trine 2 Level 4 Mosslight Marsh 9I found it easiest to kill him with Zoya’s frozen arrows. Once he’s dead pull the lever to open the gate.

To get across the poisonous pit move the contraptions legs one by one while standing on it. That’s it for this level. Continue on to level 5, the Petrified Tree.