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Chapter 3: Amadeus the Wizard

Amadeus still hasn’t learnt his fireball spell but he can create boxes which comes in surprisingly handy. Head to the left and move the boxes so you can jump up to the balcony for the trineangle. Down below bump into the tree with the fruit to make it drop to the ground an spill open for another trinangle. I won’t give the location of all the trineangles along the way. Please see the video above for a full walkthrough.

Continue around and stand on the third wooden platform from the left while placing a box on the far right platform. This will lift you up so you can climb up the ridge behind you.

Trine 3 Chapter 3 See Saw

Up the top create a box and smash it through the hatch below. Run down and break the boxes for some extra trineangles and then run through the shipwreck to the deck.

Head all the way to the left for some extra trineangles.

Trine 3 Chapter 3 Shipwreck

Then head to the right. Inside the cabin are more trineangles. Get off the ship to the right and make a box to climb up the side of the cliff. Jump over the rapids using the box. Move the box up the rapids and jump over to the left. Move the box once more to jump out of the canyon ahead.

Run up the ramp and bring the bridge down so you can walk across it.

Trine 3 Chapter 3 Bridge

If you want to reach the large trineangle once you are across the bridge put it back up and grab it.

In the next section you have a skull door with a pressure pad to the right. Put a box on the  pad to the right and then jump into the small alcove for another pressure pad that opens the skull door. Head inside for another section with two elevators.

First head to the right and put a box on the pressure pad to the right bring out a bridge run across and around to collect the trineangles.

Trine 3 Chapter 3 Secret

Place a box in the right elevator and get inside the left one. Take the box away from the right elevator to descend. Grab the trineangles and then go back up the elevator and up the right one to exit this area and end the chapter.

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