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Now that 3 Kilrathi battle fleets are on the way to the Firekka system the Tiger’s Claw has been forced to retreat. You’ll be flying undercover in a Dralthi to gather information from a nearby Kilrathi convoy. Your wingman for the next two missions is Jazz.

Corsair A 1

Objective: Spy on the nearby Kilrathi fleet

Along the way to Nav 1 you’ll come across half a dozen Hhriss. There’s no need to engage with them. Just fly by and continue to Nav 1. At Nav 1 you’ll find a Snakeir with countless Krants and Jalthis. Get close enough to target them and then fly back to the Tiger’s Claw to give your report.

Corsair A 2

Objective: Patrol all the Nav points and come back to the Tiger’s Claw

You don’t need to engage any of the enemy ships, just hit the Nav points and keep on flying. On the way to Nav 1 you’ll fly past 3 Jalthis (1 Drakhai). They may not attack if you leave them alone. Once you reach Nav 1 you’ll face 3 Dralthis and 2 Rapiers, yes Rapiers! The Kilrathi have some Terran ships of their own. At Nav 2 you’ll find another 2 Jalthis and 2 Rapiers. Hit the Nav point and fly back to the Claw to give your report.

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