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There’s a couple of fairly difficult escort missions in the Firekka C series. You’ll be flying Raptors with Spirit as your wingman. Spirit is virtually no help at all but she can at least distract the Kilrathi for a little while.

Firekka C 1

Objective: Escort a defecting Fraltha back to the Tiger’s Claw

On the way to Nav 1 you’ll run into 2 Hhriss. You can fly straight past them and resume autopilot when you’re far enough away.

At Nav 1 you’ll find the Fralthi in battle with another Fralthi along with a group of 2 Krants and another group of 4 Krants. Each of the groups has one Drakhai as leader.

Stay close to the friendly Fraltha and make sure it doesn’t get destroyed. One the way back to the Tiger’s Claw you’ll be attacked by 3 Dralthi (1 Drakhai).

Firekka C 2

Objective: Escort a Drayman to its jump point and then rescue the TCS Austin

This is a tricky mission but you can make it easier by skipping Nav 1 completely. If you do go to Nav 1 you’ll run into 2 Jalthis (1 Drakhai pilot). At Nav 2 you’ll meet the Drayman. It’s a sitting duck so keep close to it. The Drayman will immediately be attacked by 3 Krants. Boost towards it and order Spirit to attack one of the targets. Only target the Krant that’s attacking the Drayman.

If you can force the last Krant to flee then the 4 Dralthis won’t appear. If they do quickly shoot them down, focusing on any that target the Drayman. Wait for the Drayman’s shields to replenish before heading to Nav 3.

At Nav 3 you’ll be attacked by 2 to 4 Salthis. Their quite weak so you shouldn’t have any trouble dispatching them. After a few seconds the Drayman will jump.

Make your way finally to Nav 4 to meet the TCS Austin. It will jump out before any of the 4 Grathas can get close. Stay around to destroy the Kilrathi if you want or just head home to the Tiger’s Claw.

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