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You’re heading back into Firekka to prepare for an assault and you need to escort some transports filled with marines. You’re flying a Hornet for the first mission and a Dralthi for the second mission with Doomsday as your wingman.

Firekka D 1

Objective: Escort the 2 Draymans to their jump points

For this mission you’ll need meet and then escort the 2 Drayman to their jump points. On the way to Nav 1 you’ll run into 4 Salthi, either destroy them all or boost past them. At Nav 1 the 2 Drayman are under attack from 2 Grathas. After you destroy the Grathas 4 Salthis show up. One Drayman will jump from here at Nav 1. The other you’ll need to escort to Nav 2

Don’t auto fly from Nav 1 to Nav 2, instead boost ahead of the Drayman until you draw out the 5 Dralthis. This will give you time to kill them before the Drayman arrives. If one of them goes after the Drayman hunt it down. Once the coast is clear head to Nav 2 and wait for the Drayman to jump out.

Firekka D 2

Objective: Rescue the TCS Powell and escort it back to the Tiger’s Claw

For this mission you’ll be undercover in a Dralthi. Fly to Nav 1 and play it cool as you pass by 4 Krant along the way. They won’t attack unless you attack them first. At Nav 1 you’ll find the TCS Powell being attacked by 4 Hhriss. The Powell will jump out before they can do any damage.

Leave the Hhriss and fly to Nav 2 to catch up with the Powell which is being attacked by 3 Jalthis. Take them out and then fly ahead of the Powell towards the Tiger’s Claw. Once again don’t auto fly because you want to draw out the 3 Krants before the Powell gets close. You should have time to take out the Krants as the Powell slowly makes it’s way to the Tiger’s Claw. Once you’ve destroyed the Kilrathi meet up with the Powell and escort it back to the Claw.

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