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With the Kilrathi fleet massing you’ll need to sweep the area and prepare for the evacuation of the diplomats. You’ll be flying Rapiers with Knight as you wingman.

Firekka B 1

Objective: Patrol the area and destroy all Kilrathi ships

This is a patrol mission. Sweep all of the Nav points destroying all Kilrathi along the way.

On the way to Nav 1 you’ll come across 3 Krants (1 Drakhai). There’s an asteroid field at Nav 1 which you’ll have to carefully navigate your way through. At Nav 2 you’ll face 3 Hhriss guarding a new Snakeir carrier.

Continue on to Nav 3 where you’ll find 3 Krants (1 Drakhai) and 3 Grathas. Destroy all the Kilrathi ships and then head back to the Tiger’s Claw to complete the mission.

Firekka B 2

Objective: Evacuate the 2 Exeters to their jump points.

Due to the Kilrathi convoy approaching the Diplomats will need to be escorted. You’ll be taking 2 Exeters to various jump points.

There are asteroids on the way to Nav 1 and you’ll be jumped by 3 Jalthi inside the asteroid field. Nav 1 is empty so head to Nav 2 where you’ll be attacked by 4 Krants. Taunt them away if they get too close to one of the Exeters. The first Exeter will jump from Nav 2.

Make your way to Nav 3. Before you get there you’ll be attacked by 4 Dralthis and 4 Salthis. Keep the fighters away from the second Exeter so it has a chance to jump out. Once it does you can return home to the Tiger’s Claw.

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