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When you go and see Triss on the second floor she’ll be angry that you put Ciri in danger. You can reply any way you want. The answer doesn’t matter.

During the conversation with Triss she’ll mention the lack of lodge members. If you suggest Keira she’ll give you an update on her whereabaouts. If you didn’t convince Keira to go to Kaer Morhen then she’ll end up being executed by Radovid. This initiates the quest A Final Kindness.

Triss will tell you that Philippa was tricked into being turned into an owl. A dimeritium ring was put on her leg so she couldn’t turn back. She ended up as Zoltan’s pet owl but he lost her in a game of Gwent.

Not knowing where the owl is now Triss will attempt to use hydromancy but she’ll need a fountain. Make your way to the fountain at the Passiflora and Triss will do her magic. She finds out that Dijkstra won the owl from Zoltan.

Make your way over to Dijkstra’s bathhouse and when you get close you’ll hear an explosion. Philippa has been using magic and has turned Dijsktra’s men against you. Fight them off as you make your way towards her.

Next you’ll face Bart the Troll. You can convince him that you want to help Philippa and he’ll let you pass or fight him. Either way continue towards Philippa. Once you get close she’ll summon a Fire Elemental. Kill the elemental and then sneak up on Philippa to subdue her.

On your way back Dijsktra will block your path. You can choose to either force your way past or give him some information that he may want. If you choose to give him information the quest Reason of State will begin.

Once you make it back to Triss she’ll teleport away with Philippa and the quest will end.

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