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Meet up with Ciri and she’ll tell you she has a few people she needs to payback. This quest can only be started during daylight hours so if it’s night meditate until morning.

Whoreson Jr.

Ciri wants revenge for what Whoreson did to her. If you killed him earlier Ciri will insist that Zoltan told her he’s still alive.

If you spared Whoreson Jr. he’ll be living in poverty as a beggar. In this case Ciri will decide to spare him so he can continue to live in misery.

If you killed Whoreson Jr. when you arrive at the door to his house you’ll be stopped by guards. Use Axii and they’ll let you in to see Whoreson Jr. He is alive but it’s actually Dudu playing the role of Whoreson. He’s stopped all criminal activity and has set up a legitimate business. Junior’s men don’t mind as they’re earning more money than they did before.


You’ll find Bea at The Golden Sturgeon. When you arrive she’ll be in trouble with some of the local thugs. Fight them or tell them to get lost so you can talk to Bea. After a brief chat Ciri will give her a gift for helping her while she was in Novigrad last time.

The Circus

Ciri wants to pay back a man named Valdo who helped her in the past. When you arrive Valdo will refuse the money but offers to sort it out via a horse race. You can let them race or take part in it as well. After the race you’ll have a chat by the fire.

One of the men will return and tell you they can’t buy the horses they need so they’ll have to steal them. You an go along with the heist or ask more questions. It turns out the owner is a racist and won’t sell them no matter the price. You can still refuse to go along with it or help Ciri and the group to steal the horses.

Stealing Horses

Assuming you decide to help out with the heist you’ll have to climb over one of the walls of the compound to get inside. If you drop down you’ll draw attention to yourself and have to fist fight the guard. It’s better to stay quiet and climb down the ladder. Grab the key and open the door to let the others inside. The group will ride off with the horses and the quest will end.

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