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Make your way to the Pali Gap Coast, the location of Avallac’h’s secret laboratory. Yennefer will try to open the gate but this will awaken a Golem. Kill it and then continue with your search.

Take a look around the lab and you’ll find the genealogical tree of Lara Dorren. Continue searching and behind a door you’ll find a female, Aen Elle.

Once you’ve searched the lab there’ll be a timed dialogue option with Ciri. You can tell her to “Calm down” or “Go for it”. If you tell her to “calm down” this will contribute to the bad ending. If you tell her to “go for it” it will contribute to the good ending.

After leaving the lab Ciri will talk to you again. She wants to visit Hindarsfjall to gather more information. You can tell her you have “No time” or “Yeah. I’ll go with you”. If you go with her this will start the Skjall’s Grave quest and contributes to the good ending.

Regardless of whether you go with her or not the quest will end. If you go with her you can automatically travel with Ciri now or meet here there later.

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