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Not knowing whether Avallac’h has betrayed you, Yennefer and Geralt will quickly make their way towards the elven tower. You’ll travel on foot and then on horseback. Monsters will be spawning all around you but Nekker Warrior Decoction can help with that as it stops mounts from panicking.

Once you get close to the elven tower of Tor Gvalch’ca you’ll leave the horse behind and start climbing. Yen will shield you from the freezing cold of the White Frost.

Once you reach the tower you’ll find it blocked off with a magical barrier but Yen will be able to punch a hole through it so you can keep going.

When you find Avallac’h he’ll pull out his sword and then throw it down. Apparently he doesn’t want to fight. He tells you that it was Ciri’s idea to use the Conjunction of Spheres to go into the other world and destroy the White Frost once and for all. No matter what you tell Ciri here she’ll go anyway. You might as well wish her luck.

Whether Ciri survives this encounter or not depends on your interactions with her in previous quests. Either way there’s nothing to do now but wait and hope for the best.

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