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General Fettgesicht, or Fatface, is about to wage war on a massive scale. You found the plans in the last episode and they have led you here, to Castle Heidenheim. The General is equipped with both a chaingun and rocket launcher so you’ll want to avoid getting in close range.

Floor 1

The first floor is filled with long hallways guarded by Officers hiding in small alcoves. Navigating safely through them will take some time. From the start (1), grab the secret at (2) for the ammo. Make your way to the intersection (3) and go left for the Chaingun or right to continue to the exit (4).

Floor 2

From the start (1) grab the ammo and find somewhere you can take cover so you can safely clear out this and the next room. Open up the secrets at (2) for ammo, health and One-Ups. Make your way through the circle maze (3) to the center (4) where you’ll find the Golden Key. Then use it to open the Exit (5).

Floor 3

Take out the SS from the beginning and then you’ll get access to the secret level (1) once you find the Golden Key. Make your way to the south for a secret with ammo, health and a One-Up (3). On the eastern side you’ll find the Silver Key (4). Use it to open the door (5) to the regular exit (6). If you want the secret level open up the 3 secret walls and grab the Golden Key. Take this back to the start and head to the secret elevator.

Floor 10

You begin in the center of the floor and the elevator is just behind you. You’ll need a Key but luckily there are three of them on this map. You just need to pick a path. The three paths, north, south and west, all lead to a Boss. Take him out and grab the key. The path to the east is a maze that leads to 5 One-Ups, just watch out for the Ghost!

Floor 4

Take out the Dogs at the start and then grab the health and ammo in the short passage (1). Make your way south and grab the Chaingun from the secret room (2). Continue south to (3) and clear out the room for the Golden Key. Make your way to (4) for the Silver Key and then fight your way through the passages to the exit (5).

Floor 5

Open up the secret at the start for the Chaingun and ammo (1). In a room over to the west you’ll find the Golden Key (2). Grab it and then head to the south for the Silver Key (3). Head to the northeast and take out the enemies (4). Open up the secret to replenish your health. Continue on to the large hallway (5) and then the room to the south before the exit. There are lots of enemies here so go slowly and clear a path.

Floor 6

Grab the ammo at the start and take out the first SS Guard. As soon as you make a noise most of the enemies will be activated. You’ll need to be vigilant to make it over to the room with the Silver Key (1). The Golden Key is found at (2) and then theh path to the exit is at (3). Stop by (4), (5) and (6) for resources and treasure.

Floor 7

You start out in a room with 8 Officers and an SS Guard so take cover and clear the room (1). Take out the regular Guards at (2) and then open the secret (3) for the Chaingun and health/ammo. Up at (4) you’ll find the Golden Key. You’ll need it to get access to the exit (5). If you want all the loot open up the vine maze (6) and search around for the 3 One-Ups.

Floor 8

From the start take a shortcut using the secret (2), then head into secret room (3) for a Chaingun, ammo and health. Make your way around to the Golden Key room (4) which is heavily guarded. Then open the secrets for a shortcut back to the hallway.

Take the secret at (5) for a shortcut into the second block, then head around to the Silver Key (6). With both keys in hand fight your way through the rooms to the exit (7).

Floor 9

As soon as you begin take out the Guard and Officers then open the secret (1) to the ammo, health and Chaingun. Clear out the next room (2) and then pick a direcion, left or right. Both lead around to the boss room (3).

Quickly clear out the regular enemies and open up the Secret on the east side for health and ammo. Try not to get caught by the General in a tight space because his rockets will make short work of you. Keep your distance and keep firing until he falls. Congratulations on completing Wolfenstein 3D!

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