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Episode 5 is the second in the Nocturnal Missions trilogy. You’ll need to hunt through the fortress of Erlangen to find the plans for the poison war, or Giftkrieg. The plans are guarded by the boss Gretel Grosse, who’s armed with dual chainguns.

Floor 1

This is a tough start to the episode as there’s no health in the southern portion of the map. Clear out the rooms to the south and grab the Golden Key (1). If you need health and extra firepower head up to the secret at (3) for the Chaingun, otherwise continue on to the secret at (2) and grab the treasure and ammo. Finally fight your way up to room (4) for the Exit but watch out for the enemies in the little alcoves.

Floor 2

You begin in the center section with four pathways. Make your way north to (1) and then west to (2) for the Golden Key. If you need a Chaingun go east from the start to room (3). The elevator is at (4) but you might want to clear out the SS Guards at (5) for the treasure before you leave.

Floor 3

The elevator is just around the corner from the start but you’ll a key to access it. Lots of guards will come running when you start trouble so watch out no-one sneaks up behind you. Grab the ammo (1) and then navigate through the rooms to (2). Open up the large room and fight off all the guards. At (3) take the secret for the Chaingun, then continue around to (4) for the Silver Key.

There’s a secet to the south with health/ammo/treasure and a Chaingun. Then make your way over to (5) for the Exit.

Floor 4

This symmetrical floor would be confusing if you didn’t have a map. You start in the center and most of the rooms are filled with Guards and Dogs. The Golden Key can be found at (1) and the Silver Key at (2). Grab them and then head over to (3) for the Exit.

Floor 5

This floor is very dangerous right from the start. You begin in a central hub area (1). At (2) you’ll find a secret with some health and at (3) you’ll find more health and the Chaingun. Head down to the southeast for the Silver Key (4), then the northwest for the Golden Key (5). Navigate to the northeast for the regular exit (6) but if you want the secret exit open up the secret walls to the southwest (7).

Floor 10

The secret level has lots of tight, winding passages with Officers and SS Guards around the corners. Head to (1) ffor the Golden Key and then to (2) for the Exit.

Floor 6

The actions starts from when you enter this floor (1). Take out the Guards and head over to (2) for a secret with ammo/health and the Chaingun. You’ll need both the Silver Key from (3) and the Golden Key from (4) before making your way to the exit (5). In another secret to the northwest is a large room with ammo, health, treasure and a Chaingun.

Floor 7

You begin in a small corridor with a hallway filled with Guards just in front of you (1). At (2) you’ll find a secret room where you can replenish your ammo and health. You can fight the enemies head on at (3) or go around behind them to open up the secret to grab the Golden Key. The Silver Key is on the other side of the map (4). Grab it and then head north to the exit at (5).

Floor 8

If you need health and ammo or the Chaingun head north to the secret room at (1). Otherwise you’ll want to grab the Golden Key at (2) and the Silver Key at (3). Then go back to the elevator near the start (4) for some health before leaving the heading to the final floor.

Floor 9

From the start open the door to the south for health (1). The ammo is located in rooms behind the boss at (2)! The boss, Gretel, is the younger sister of Hans and she’s also really tough. Take a few shots at her and duck behind cover. Rinse and repeat until she’s dead. Grab the Golden Key and head out through the room at (3) to complete the episode.

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