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In Episode 2 you must return to Germany to find out if Operation Eisenfaust is real.  In search of the perfect soldier Dr. Schabbs has been operating on them and turning them into mutants. You’ll find plenty of them in Episode 2 and they’re as tough as nails. You’ll need your wits about you to get through this alive.

Floor 1

As you only start the Episode with a Pistol head to the west to #1 for the Machine Gun. There are no enemies just head. You’ll find the first Mutants south at #2 and then north at #4. This is also where you can unlock the two secrets to find the Secret Exit. The regular exit is in a room filled with Mutants at #3.

Floor 10

From the Start you only need to run around the corner to find the Exit but half a dozen Mutants stand in the way. There are quite a few secrets here, some of which you’ll need to move two walls out of the way to find them.

Floor 2

When you enter this floor watch out for the Mutants around the corners (1). You’ll need to push open the first secret (2) to get to the rest of the floor.

There’s a confusing series of rooms in the red brick area. You’ll find the Key (3) in a room on the eastern side. Continue down to the Exit (4) but explore the side rooms if you wish.

Floor 3

You’ll start on the southern edge of the floor. Get the Golden Key (1) but watch out for the SS Guards. Head north towards (2). You’ll notice a bunch of goodies behind the pillars. You can get to them later by opening up the secret (3).

Towards the eastern edge you’ll find the Silver Key (4), but watch out for the horde of Mutants lurking in the alcoves. Finally to the Exit (5) but open up the secret on the north wall to replenish your ammo.

Floor 4

From the Start (1) rush forwards and take out the Mutants down the long hallway. In the back of the room you’ll find the Golden Key (3). Come back to the start and clear out any roaming Guards.

Make your way down to the south for the Silver Key (4) but watch out for all the Mutants. They’ll come out of the side rooms as soon as a shot is fired. The Exit is down the hallway from (5), but you may want to open up the secret at (6) to explore the large optional area.

Floor 5

This floor is split into 4 quarters. You begin in the northeast corner of the map. There’s some ammo in roomm (1) if you need it, then healing in room (2). In the northwest quadrant you’ll find a Chaingun (3), then the Golden Key (4) protected by half a dozen Mutants.

Down to the southeast you’ll find a kennel (5) with some healing and a secret area with more healing and treasure. Then in room (6) you’ll find the Golden Key. Head over to the southwest for a One-Up behind a secret wall (7), then fight your way to the Exit (8).

Floor 6

Starting in the southwest corner take the passage to the north for food and ammo (1). Then follow the large hallway, killing the Mutants as you go. Up at (2) you’ll find a Chaingun protected by a few Guards.

Come back to the south and navigate through the maze to (3). You can either make a dash for the Golden Key and run out of their, or stay and fight the SS Guards as they pour out of the side rooms. With the key head to (4) and the Exit. The fake exit to the north is a trap filled with Mutants.

Floor 7

From the Start you can grab the Silver Key (1) and then take the Exit out of here. If you want to explore the rest of the level open the Secret (2). You’ll find a One-Up behind a secret wall at (3), and a Chaingun at (4). If you want a challenge head to the west to (5) and take out all the Mutants protecting the three One-Ups. When you’re done return to the elevator.

Floor 8

You begin in the center of the map with four large hallways to explore. First off you’ll need the Silver Key (1) in the room with the 4 SS Guards. To replenish your ammo head down to the south to room (2). There’s only one Guard inside.

Open the secrets in the hallway to the south for a Chaingun (3), then fight your way past the Guards and SS for the Golden Key (4). Take the large hallway to the south of the center of the map to find the Exit (5). The large western area with all the tiny rooms was part of a competition. Players had to make their way through the secret rooms to find the hidden message. I’m not sure if the message is still there or not.

Floor 9

This is it, the big boss Dr. Schabbs! Open up both secrets on the sides for tons of ammo and health, then release the boss with his 8 Mutant guards. You can lure him out of the room and then run inside for two more secrets. Otherwise dodge out of the way of his poisoned needles and keep firing away until he’s been killed.

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