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From the start roll through the door to the left and hit the Blue Quill. Grab all the gold quills before they disappear and Coin #1 will appear above the fountain.

Continue to the right and smash down through the trapdoor just before the four fountains. Inside the narrow passage you’ll find Coin #2.

Make your way across the fountains and roll through the next door for Checkmate 1. Continue past the next courtyard with fountains and into the next house. Ride the fountain up into the next room and down the other side.

Head outside and make your way across the Ferris wheels. In the next courtyard with 5 fountains grab the Blue Quill and then grab all the gold quills. Coin #3 will appear in the center fountain.

Continue to the right and through the next door for Checkmate 2. Jump across the next fountain and grab the Fruit from in the box. Ride the next fountain up and throw the Fruit at the Spider. This should make it easier to pick up Coin #4.

Jump across the fountains and ride the last one up. Continue up the fountains to the next courtyard. Ride the first fountain up and jump on the box so you can jump up to reach Coin #5. You can also do a super slam (slam plus roll and jump) from the door to reach the coin.

Head through the door and make your way over to the egg for a Beetalion. This one is named Apidave.

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