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From the start bounce off the fish and slam onto the box with the Flower. Grab the flower and place it next to the crate to the left. Bounce off it to grab Coin #1.

Make your way to the right and use the cannon to be shot up past the flaming robots. Head up the rope on the other side to Checkmate 1.

Make your way past the crates and robots. Drop down through the trapdoor and head around to Coin #2.

Continue to the right and go through the green door to Checkmate 2. Dodge past the helicopter enemies and when you come to the long rope before the purple door ride on it until you see Coin #3 at the bottom.

Roll through the purple door and then go through the next green door to Checkmate 3. Head past the robots and continue to the right to the Laylee Bell. Jump on the robot just to the left of the Laylee Bell until you find a hidden cannon. This will shoot you around to Coin #4.

Roll through the purple door and take the ropes up to Checkmate 4. Continue across the next set of ropes and then bounce up the robots to the next green door.

Head to the right while avoiding the helicopter enemies. Jump over the Beettalion and then use the robot to bounce up to Coin #5.

Break the Beettalion egg to end the level and rescue Kirkhive.

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