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From the Start grab the Yellow Quill to the left if you want and then head to the right. Jump off the bouncy frog to get up to the leaves with the Crown Quill. From here either do a long roll and jump or a slam jump to the hidden leaves behind the tree for Coin #1. It’s just above the box with the Fruit.

Continue to the right past the Spiders and go through the green door to Checkmate 1. Continue past the bouncy frogs and the moving platforms.

When you get to the Red Quill with two sets of moving platforms, one up the other down ride them down and roll through the boxes. You’ll find Coin #2 before you need to jump back up to the main part of the level.

Break the box with the Fruit and throw it at the Spider. Ride the platform down and go through the next green door. On the other side you’ll find Checkmate 2.

Make your way along the wooden walkway to the right, dodging or killing the little creatures along the way. When you find the boxes don’t break them. Use them to jump up to a hidden area for Coin #3.

Drop back down through the breakable floor and go through the green door. On the other side you’ll find Checkmate 3.

Drop down and then make your way past the Spiders to the right. When you get to the Spider guarding the Blue Quill make sure you touch it. Pick up all the Quills and a Key will appear.

Grab it and use the cannon to the right to be shot up to the next area. Go past the first green door and use the key to unlock the next door. In the center of the room you’ll find Coin #4.

GO through the other green door and you’ll find Checkmate 4. Continue to the right past the glowing sawblades and ride the platforms down.

Continue making your way past the sawblades and moving platforms to Checkmate 5. Head to the right to a trapdoor below a Spider. Smash down into the trapdoor and walk to the right. Drop down just after a platform moves past you and you should pick up Coin #5.

Ride the platform up but don’t go through the green door. The regular exit is through the green door but if you wait about 30 seconds a platform will arrive. Ride it to be taken to the secret exit.

This leads to a platform with a statue in the overworld where you’ll find a Beettalion. To rescue the other Beetalion you’ll need to play the level again and take the regular exit.

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