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From the start roll through the door to the left and break the box for Coin #1.

Head to the right and roll through the next house. Follow the path and jump up the frozen fountains. Roll through the door and bounce off one of the creatures to reach Coin #2.

Continue through the next courtyard and into the next house with Checkmate 1. Drop down into the basement and roll along to the right.

Jump up the next set of frozen fountains and then along the frozen path. When you reach the house with Checkmate 2. Jump up the frozen steps and then jump back to the left into the small room with Coin #3.

Continue to the right and into the next house. make your way up to the green door. Wait for a creature to get close and use it to bounce up to Coin #4.

Head through the green door and slide down the ice ramp all the way to the bottom. Jump over the Beetalion and you’ll find Coin #5 hidden behind the rock to the right.

Smash into the egg to release Beetalion. His name is Waspinson.

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