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From the start do a slam jump to the leaves on the right. Jump across to Coin #1. You can also open the door and bounce off a creature to reach the leaves.

Go through the door and use the bouncy flowers to make your way up to the first platform. Hidden behind the wooden boards you’ll find a Key.

Grab it and take it up to the locked green door above. Inside you’ll find a room with Crown Quills and Quills. Use the bouncy flowers to reach the highest quills. When you’re done head out through the other green door.

Make your way to the right and slide down the vines. At the end you’ll find Checkmate 1. Drop down and pick up the Bouncy Flower from the small box.

Drop down to the room with the coin and throw down the Bouncy Flower. Bounce up to grab Coin #2.

Make your way to the right and grab the Mine from the hidden area behind the wooden wall.

Take it to the top and use it to break the cage so you can get to Coin #3. Along the way you’ll pass Checkmate 2.

Make your way to the right and use the Bouncy Flowers. Jump off the second flower and you should jump up to a flower that will bounce you down to Coin #4.

Slide along the next vine and you’ll land on another platform. Use the Bouncy Flowers to get up to the next green door and go through. On the other side you’ll find Checkmate 3.

Ride the vines down, avoiding all the obstacles along the way. At the end you’ll find Checkmate 4. Ride the next set of vines down and this time do a spin at the end. You’ll bounce on a flower up to Coin #5.

Head to the right for the Beettalion. This one is called Joe the Bee.

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