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From the start head to the left for a few quills and then make your way all the way to the right. Break the box with the Key and take it back to the locked door.

Head across the sawblades, through the purple door and back out another green door. Jump up to the top ledge and then across to the left to pick up a Key.

Roll through the boxes in the bottom right corner to reveal a hidden room and then use the key to get through the next green door. In the next room you’ll find Coin #1.

Continue to the right for Checkmate 1 and roll through the purple door. Make your way past the moving sawblades to the next green door but don’t go through. Instead drop down the gap under the sawblade for a hidden door.

Go through for Checkmate 2 and continue to the left to the moving platform. Ride it down but then jump back into the gap in the middle. Ride this down to a secret area with Coin #2.

Head across to the right and go through the next green door for Checkmate 3. Grab the Mine from one of the boxes and make your way down to the Crab. Shoot the mine at it so you can get past to Coin #3.

Head across to the right past the next set of sawblades and up to the green door. Go through for Checkmate 4.

Jump up the moving platforms to the scaffolding with three steps. Roll and jump from the top step to make it over to the other platform. Jump up for Coin #4.

Roll through the purple door and then go through the green door to Checkmate 5. Carefully make your way past the final sawblade section. When you get to the tunnel with the long sawblade roll all the way through it to Coin #5.

Just past this you’ll find the egg with the Beettalion. His name is Willicomb Pugh.

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