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From the start jump into the hidden cave to the left of the waterfall. Jump onto a platform and then up to the box for Coin #1 before the platform collapses.

Head back to the right and if you want to take a little shortcut jump off the Red Quill and over to the grass ledge to the right. Otherwise you’ll need to dive into the water and swim all the way around.

On the other side of the grass ledge you’ll find a Laylee Bell. Head down the ramp with the bouncy Frogs to Checkmate 1.

To get the next Coin you’ll need to drop off the edge to the right and land in the cave below. Break the box and pick up the Mine.

Take the platforms up and make your way along to Checkmate 2. Just above and to the left you’ll see a cage. Break it with the Mine and jump inside for Coin #2.

Head to the right and dive into the water. Make your way around the turning wooden beams with sawblades attached to the next area. Dive into the next pool and once again swim around the turning wooden beams. When you jump out you’ll be at the Checkmate 3.

Jump across the platforms and go through the green door to Checkmate 4. Use the collapsing platforms to get up and then the platforms on the wheel to jump up to Coin #3.

Head to the right and go through the purple door. Continue across the rotating wheels to the other side and then take the platforms across another large gap to Checkmate 5.

Go through the purple door and up the collapsing platforms while avoiding the sawblades. Once you reach the top go through the green door. Checkmate 6 is just to the right. Continue to the right and smash down through the trapdoor for a Mine.

Make your way to the right, down and then along the ramp to the left until you find Coin #4 in a cage. Use the Mine to break the cage so you can grab it.

Dive into the water and swim around to Checkmate 7. Head to the right and go through the purple door. Make your way down the stream of water and you’ll find Coin #5 at the end.

Just to the right of this you’ll find the Beettalion egg. Swim around and break it for Stingfano.

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