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Use the Supply Truck to poisong the water supply running through the town with the Chronosphere. Use the Chronosphere to send an MCV to the island and then wipe out the Allied forces.

Take your Infantry east and then north with the Cargo Truck following behind. Try to avoid getting into fights wtih the Allied forces unless you can’t help it. Take out the Jeep to the north and then bring the Cargo Truck to the river to deliver the toxin. In a few second all the Allied forces along the river will die.

Take over the Barracks and the Chronosphere with Engineers and then build a few Spies to steal funds from the Silos on the western side of the base. When the Chronosphere is charged up send the MCV across the river and build your base. Build a Barracks and train Infantry to go out and explore the area.

Build a War Factory and start building a group of Heavy Tanks. While you’re doing this build a Sub Pen with a few Subs to protect against attacks from the river. A large group of 15 to 20 Heavy Tanks should be enough to sweep through the Allied base to the north-east. Once all enemy units and structures have been destroyed the mission will be complete.

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