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The first mission is fairly easy as long as you get your tank production up and running quickly. Deploy your SCV and build a Power Plant, Ore Refinery and War Factory. Build at least one more Ore Truck and then another Ore Refinery. There’s a patch of ore directly to the south and another to the south east.

You’ll be attacked by Infantry first and later by tanks and choppers. Once you have the money get a second War Factory and start pumping out the tanks. There are three small enemy bases. On directly to the north, one on the eastern edge and the other on the northern edge of the map.

Take out the western and eastern bases first with at least 12 Medium Tanks. Send them to the northern base and destroy the Soviet Power Plants to turn their Tesla Towers offline. Now it should be an easy sweep through the last base. Once all Soviet land units and buildings have been destroyed the mission will be complete.

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