Apotheon is an action platformer set in the mythical world of Ancient Greece. It’s a fast and brutal game that has you playing the role of a young warrior battling against the Olympian gods.

Apotheon has a unique art style inspired by ancient Greek pottery. Along the way you’ll find many different weapons and shields to use. Combat can be a little tricky at first but you’ll soon get the hang of it.

The first hub area is the Agora. From here you can head either to the Forest of Artemis, Hades or Apollo’s Mansion. There are two other Gods here, Dionysus and Aphrodite. Taking up their challenges is optional but grants additional bonuses and items.

Apotheon Walkthrough

Village of Dion
The Agora
Forest of Artemis
Palace of Apollo
Return to Dion
The Acropolis
The Sea
Agon of Ares
Refuge of Athena
Fortress of Zeus

Apotheon was published and developed by Alientrap and released for PC, MAC and Linux in 2015. It features a unique visual style that adds to the Ancient Greece-inspired atmosphere. The sheer number and variety of weapons gives you freedom to explore with the combat system and come up with your own unique style. Combat may feel a little clunky at first but you’ll soon get used to the controls.