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Forest of Artemis

The door to the Forest of Artemis can be found on the far left side of The Agora. Walk the left and three Nymphs will give you three challenges, to slay the Wolf, the Chimera and to rid the shrine of Satyrs. The wolf is found in his lair to the top right, the shrine is to the left and the Chimera is hiding in the Swamp.

The Direwolf

Climb the mountain to the top right of the map and enter into a cave. The Direwolf attacks just like regular wolves but he’s bigger and has more health. When you hit him a few times he’ll run down the mountain. Follow him down and battle with him once more. I find the spear and shield to be pretty effective against him. Continue chasing him around and fighting with him until he’s been defeated.

The Satyrs

Enter the Sanctuary of the Nymphs to the left. The Satyrs tell you to get lost but just ignore them. If you have a Lockpick and the Blossom of Artemis you can get through the locked doors to the right to find a hidden garden with flowers and a Chest.

Head back to the drunk Satyrs and climb up the ladder just to the left of the entrance. This takes you up to a secret passage. Pull the lever to open the trapdoor down below. Drop back down and head down the trapdoor.

You need to destroy all of the vases of wine that are making the Satyrs drunk. The Satyrs will attack you down here so be careful. Use the map to locate all of the vases and when the last one has been broken the objective will be complete. When you return to the entrance the drunk Satyrs will be so upset that there’s no wine that they’ll all kill each other.

The Swamp

The Chimera

You can find the entrance to the swamp underground to the bottom left. When you enter the swamp you’ll be told you can follow the acid trail to find the Chimera. I don’t know what that means but you can just follow the objective marker on the map. The Chimera is located to the top right side of the swamp. Beasts and wolves will jump out at you along the way. The thick vines can be smashed by attacking them with any weapon.

If you purchased the Assassin Stash Key from the Blackmarket Merchant in the Agora Market you’ll be able to access the Assassin’s Stash. You can a find a door back to a hidden part of the Forest to the right of the swamp entrance. Use the Stash Key to open the door to the treasure. Inside you’ll find a Forge Hammer and Blast Arrows. Take the ladder down for more treasure. A large Soldier guards Jewelry and a locked Chest.

When you are done make your way back to the Swamp. Before challenging the Chimera make sure you explore the lower-right section of the swamp. Here you can find a Discus of Returning, Bottled Shadows and a Chest.

When you reach the top right open the door to enter the Chimera’s Lair. Now would be a good time to drink any potions or spawn your own Wolf helpers if you want. I prefer ranged weapons against the beast because it dashes quite quickly at you and then runs away. It also has a breath flame attack.

Once it’s been defeated go through the exit and find the forest Nymphs. They’ll tell you that the Huntress is waiting for you. make your way to the Hunter’s Lodge to the top left of the forest and jump across to the waterfall. Follow the path along to the entrance to the Sacred Grove of Artemis for the boss fight.

Forest of Artemis

Hunter’s Lodge (Optional)

The Hunter’s Lodge is found to the top left side of the map. Enter and speak to Bion the Hunter. He sells you hunting weapons and equipment. The floor to the left is breakable. Break it open and climb down to the basement where you’ll find a Sword of Midas, Hunter’s Note and Chest. The note tells you about three rare animals, the Golden Hare, the Bird of Paradise and the Ivory Stag.

These animals will now appear in the forest. Look around for them until you see them. They are named animals so they’re easy to spot when they’re on your screen. Kill them and pick up the trophy that each of them drops. Ranged weapons are easiest because these animals can move quickly. Head to the very top right of the map and use the trophies to open the three sealed doors. Inside you’ll find a Chest and golden statues.

Artemis Boss Fight

When you find Artemis she’ll challenge you to a hunt. First you’ll be transformed into a deer. You need to run to the four altars to be changed back. Artemis will then take a turn as the deer. I find ranged weapons work the best here, especially the Assassin’s Arrows which do 800% damage when attacked from behind. When you defeat her you’ll be awarded with the Bow of Artemis.

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