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The Acropolis is the second main hub area of the game and is where you’ll find the gates to the realms of Poseidon, Ares and Athena. There’s also a few side areas to explore, a market and some small side quests.

The main quests here are to find the Aegis of Athena, the Crest of Ares and the Trident of Poseidon. The Acropolis has its own market where you can get additional training and purchase new equipment.

Merchant Stockpile

Just above and to the west of the main entrance is a house. Go inside and make your way to the right. You’ll need to kill a few guards and pick a few locks to make it through. On the right side you’ll find a Chest and the Merchant Stockpile Key.

Leave the house and head up and to the right to find the Acropolis Market. At the bottom of the market is a floor that you can break. Drop down and use the Merchant Stockpile Key to open the trapdoor to the basement area. First head to the left and up and around to find the Lever. Pull the Lever to open the door to the bottom right where you’ll find a couple of Chests waiting to be looted.

Kill the Assassins

Walking around the central area of The Acropolis is a named character called Fotis. Talk to him and he’ll tell you that he’s an ally and gives you a Trapdoor Key. Use the key on the floor just west of the Market. When you drop down you’ll be attacked by Assassins. Go back and kill Fotis. He drops a Note mentioning more assassins outside the Olympian Gates. Leave The Acropolis and a little to the right and you’ll be ambushed again. Finish off the Assassins to complete this side quest.

Artifice of Hephaestus

Find the doors to the Forge of Hephaestus at the bottom right area of The Acropolis and go through. Hephaestus can be found just to the left but the way to him is blocked by four spinning sealed doors. You can stop them from spinning by pulling four levers found throughout this area. Make sure you stop them when the sealed doors are facing to the right so you can line them up together and walk through.

As you’re wandering around some of the statues will come to life. They’re immune to ranged attacks so use melee weapons to destroy them. Explore the right side of the Forge because you’ll find the Mineshaft Key which is used to open a gold mine on one of the islands in The Sea.

Once you’ve used all the levers come back to the entrance and talk to Hepheastus. He’ll give you the Artifice of Hephaestus which increases the amount of armour you get from armour items by 50%.

Sandals of Hermes

To the top left of The Acropolis you’ll see a locked door to the House of Kastor. Fight your way through the house and Kastor will set his two large guards on you. Kill them and then kill Kastor. He drops the Assassin List. There are five names here and the areas where they can be found.

Asistaeus – Near the house of Kastor
Mylas – In a grated area above the door to Hephaestus’ Forge
Chrysus – In the Agora, wandering around the middle of the area towards the bottom
Acmon – Found in the Harbor of Tides in the building to the right of the main entrance
Pactolus – Also in the Harbor of Tides, northwest of the main entrance

Hunt down and kill all of the assassins. Each of them will drop a Hermes Seal. Once you have all five seals make your way to the very top-right area of The Acropolis, past the Bathhouse. Use the five seals to unlock the five doors and find Hermes’ Caduceus. It can be used like a grappling hook.

When you’re done exploring The Acropolis make your way to the western side to start you journey across the sea to find the Trident of Poseidon.

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