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The Agora is the first hub area. From here you can venture out to find Demeter, Apollo, Dionysus, Aphrodite and Artemis. There’s a lot to explore here and many locked doors. You’ll probably need save some of the locked areas for later when you find more lockpicks.

The main objectives are to find the Sheaf of Demeter, Lyre of Apollo and Bow of Artemis. Demeter is found to the right, Apollo at the top and the Forest of Artemis is to the far left. Demeter tells you that she gave the gift to Persephone who resides in Hades. You can reach Hades by going through the Sewers.

Refugee Commonhouse

There are a few doors leading to the Commonhouse. Enter one of them and fight off the guards. Make your way to the top left area of the house to find a Refugee Note. The note mentions a stash and a person named Dorian who can be found in the Sewers. Enter the Sewers and head to the left. Kill Dorian when you find him and he’ll drop the Forest Stash Key. This can be used later in Swamp in the Forest of Artemis.

The Agora Market

There are two entrances to the market. The first is an unlocked door lower down and the second is a private locked entrance up the top. Enter through the unlocked door to meet all of the merchants. You can buy weapons, armour, potions and other items here. There’s also a weapon’s trainer where you can level up your skills using each of the categories of weapons.

At the bottom level of the market you’ll find the Blackmarket Merchant. You can buy unique items from him, including the Assassin Stash Key. This is used later in the Swamp. He will also sell special weapons after you unlock them by finding them in the game.

If you explore the Sewers you’ll find a locked door. Behind it is the Scroll-Keeper’s Office Key. Use that here in the market to unlock the Scroll-Keeper’s Office where you can find lots of loot. Be prepared for a fight because there are a lot of soldiers guarding the area.

Now that you’ve already killed the soldiers you might as well keep going. To the top-left corner of the market you’ll find the Guardhouse Key. This opens the Barracks at the bottom of the Agora. Inside the Barracks you’ll find the Armoury Key. The Armoury is a little northeast of the Barracks.

Vineyard of Dionysus

When you speak to Dionysus he’ll invite you to drink a goblet of wine with him. The wine is now accessible. There are 13 goblets of wine and you need to drink them quickly before you pass out. I find it’s easiest to open all of the door with mechanisms first. Then start from the goblet at the top of the vineyard and work my way around clockwise. When you’ve drunk the last goblet of wine return to Dionysus for your reward. He tells you that he will help you against Zeus and gives you a 25% bonus duration to potions.

Up the top of the Vineyard you can find the Nectar Cellar Key. This will be used later once you get to Apollo’s Mansion.


When you enter Aphrodite’s chamber she tells you that there isn’t much space for gifts and to be careful not to bump into anything. If you destroy all of her statues she gets angry and tells Eros to get rid of you. Try to stay behind Aphrodite and Eros so that Eros’ arrows hit her instead of you. If you can manage to get her hit three times she’ll stop and give you a gift.

When you are ready to move on from The Agora you can head to any of the main objectives. I’ll start with the search for the Bow of Artemis.

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