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Level 31: In the Void

This map makes use of portals to take you to different areas of the map. It also contains the last artifact to upgrade the Unmaker. From the Start clear out the Specters, go through the exit to the north and kill the 3 Mancubus.

Return to the starting room and go through the door to the west. Watch out for the Pain Elementals floating around the void.

Go through the portal at the end of the walkway. Portal connections are shown on the map in green. Continue straight ahead and go through the next portal. Follow the rooms around and grab the Red Key.

Head across the wooden tunnel to the small room to the south. Take the portals back to the starting area and go through the Red Door. Clear out the Lost Souls and grab the Supercharge. You’ll be back here later for the Unmaker Upgrade Artifact. For now go back through the portals to the Starting room.

Go through the Red Door and then the portal at the end of the walkway. As you step forwards Mancubus and a Baron of Hell will appear in front of you. Kill them and then grab the Blue Key in front of the wooden tunnel.

Go back through the portal to the starting area. Clear out the Barons of Hell and go through the exit to the west. Head through the two portals, run through the wooden tunnel to the small room and press the Blue Button. This lifts up the stairs in the starting room.

Take the portals back to the starting room and go up the stairs. Dash across to the Yellow Key.

Go back through the west passage and then the first portal. Press the Yellow Button on the right to unlock the walkway to the Exit. Walk towards it but don’t drop off the edge. When the screen starts shaking you have a limited amount of time to grab the Unmaker Upgrade.

Go through the second portal, across the bridge and press the Button that’s appeared. The Upgrade will disappear. Return across the bridge, go back to the start and through the Red Door. Go through the portal and through the wooden tunnel so you can grab the Unmaker Upgrade Artifact.

At this point a lot of Pain Elementals will spawn in. Take them out and then make your way to the Exit by dropping off the edge of the walkway by the Yellow Button.

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