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Level 7: Research Lab

From the Start grab the Chaingun and then head out through the door to the west (as shown on the map). Continue to the west into the next room and take out the Zombiemen. Come back to the previous room with the Yellow Door and go through the door opposite, to the north.

Lost Souls will spawn in as you enter. The Blue Key is on a ledge in the corner but you can’t reach it yet. Make your way to the east and open the wall on the left for Secret #1. This passage leads around to the back of the cage with the Hell Knight. Inside the cage you’ll find a Rocket Launcher.

Enter the room with the cages. The Blue Door is to the right but you don’t have the key yet so continue to the east. This is the computer area with monitors along all of the walls. Clear out the enemies in these corridors and in the small rooms.

In the southern room on the east side you’ll find a small raised square. Use it to get up to the small ledge around the edge. On the south side is a fake. Go inside for Secret #2 with the Computer Area Map.

In a small central room you’ll find a room with a monitor. Click on it to see the Blue Key. Press the Button and look at the monitor again. The bridge has lifted up so you can get to the Blue Key.

Before going back for the key press the Button in the southern corridor. This lowers the bars blocking the way to the Mega Armor but only for a few seconds. Quickly run back and grab the armor.

Go back to the room with the Blue Key, head up the stairs and across the bridge to grab it. Stay on the ledge with the Blue Key as the wall in front of you will lower. This is Secret #3 with the Supercharge.

Go to the room to the west and open the Blue Bars to the cage in the starting room. Kill the Hell Knight and grab the Plasma Gun. Go back to the east and open the Blue Door to the south. Take out the enemies in the cages and then ride the lift up in the south.

This room has a Hell Knight guarding two Buttons but you need the Red Key for them. Drop down the lift to the west and when the lift has lowered open the wall to the north for Secret #4. Inside you’ll find Rockets and a Berserk pack.

Ride the lift back up and use the teleporter. Press the Switch and look at the monitor. You’ll see the bars in the previous room have been removed. Go back the way you came and through the door behind the bars you just lowered. This opens to another cage area in the starting room with the Yellow Key.

Make your way back around to the west side of the map and go through the Yellow Door to the south. You’ll notice 2 sets of stairs going up and 2 going down. Take either of the stairways leading down to a sewer area.

The bars here will lower automatically as you get close to them. Go through and turn to the left. You should see a Radiation Suit in a small alcove.

Grab it and continue around to a Hell Knight Guarding a Switch. Flip the Switch and make your way around to the other side of the sewer for the second Switch. Once both have been flipped bars will be removed in a room upstairs.

Leave the sewers and take the stairs in the center leading up. Take out the Hell Knights and go up the steps to a Button. Press the Button to lower the bars across from the exit.

Head to the room to the east. This is the exit room. Go through the door to the north where you just lowered the bars and grab the Red Key.

The Red Key is used for the Switches in the room to the southeast, near to Secret #4. Hit the Button to release a Hell Knight and lift up the path to the Exit.

Go back to the exit room and open the door to the south. Kill one last Hell Knight and hit the Exit Button to complete the level.

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