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Level 36: Cold Grounds

From the Start drop down and make your way clockwise around the outskirts of the castle. Once you come to the end you’ll find Armor in a small niche. Now head back around the other way (anti-clockwise), and clear out all the enemies.

To enter the castle you can either head all the way around to the stairs leading up to the top of the low walls or take the lift up on the north side. Once you’ve made it onto the walls you’ll need to drop down to the yard on the eastern side so you can grab the Yellow Key.

Take the lift up in the corner and make your way around the top of the wall to the Yellow Button. Press it to lower the bars so you can get across the walkway towards the center.

Run around to the other side (south) and press the Button to lower the wall. Kill the Hell Knights and press the next Button. This opens the small room on your right. Pick up the loot and go through the fake wall. This takes you to Secret #1 with a Supercharge.

Drop down to the water area and head back up the lift. Head around to the Button you just pressed and go down the walkway to your right. Make your way around and press the Button just behind the Backpack. This opens a wall so you can drop down to the Red Key.

If you haven’t picked up the Invincibility sphere to the right of the Red Key do it now and try to hunt down the 2 Pain Elementals before it wears off.

Take out the remaining Cacodemons and then go through one of the Red Doors in the center of the castle. Let the Baron of Hell and Hell Knights fight amongst each other and then finish off whoever’s left.

The four lifts in the corners will lower down. The two to the west lead to the Blue Door and the two to the east lead to the Blue Key. Take one of the lifts to the east and head across the bridge. When you open the door you’ll see a pattern of faces.

Remember them for later. For now enter the room and clear out the enemies. Once the room is clear return to the entrance and look at the faces. Turn to the left and follow the path around. Change the symbols in each of the three alcoves to match the pattern of faces at the entrance.

The Blue Key will be revealed in the section below. When you grab it enemies will spawn into the area. Quickly run up the steps and let them fight each other. Finish off any remaining enemies and then go back across the bridge.

Go through to the other side and open the Blue Door. There may be enemies here depending on whether you shot them through the windows earlier. Push the Button by the gap and a bridge will lift up. Go across, open the door to the Exit and hit the Button to complete the level.

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