Doom 64 was originally released on the Nintendo 64 in 1997 but was finally ported to the PC in March 2020. It follows the familiar tale of Doom Guys descent into Hell to stop the invasion of Earth. It features 32 levels, new animations for all of the monsters and new weapons, including the double chainsaw and the most powerful weapon in all of Doom, the Unmaker.

Doom 64 continue on where Doom 2 left off. It’s a classic Doom game that’s definitely worth playing on the PC if you missed it on the Nintendo. The PC port keeps all the charm of the original but is still a great game.

The controls for Doom 64 are the same as Doom and Doom 2. Press Tab to see the in-game map and press ‘Q’ and ‘R’ to zoom in and out. There is no way to look up and down in Doom 64.

Doom 64 Walkthrough

Level 1: Staging Area

Level 32: Hectic

Level 2: The Terraformer

Level 3: Main Engineering

Level 4: Holding Area

Level 29: Outpost Omega

Level 5: Tech Center

Level 6: Alpha Quadrant

Level 7: Research Lab

Level 8: Final Outpost

Level 9: Even Simpler

Level 10: The Bleeding

Level 11: Terror Core

Level 12: Altar of Pain

Level 30: The Lair

Level 13: Dark Citadel

Level 14: Eye of the Storm

Level 15: Dark Entries

Level 16: Blood Keep

Level 17: Watch Your Step

Level 18: Spawned Fear

Level 31: In the Void

Level 19: The Spiral

Level 20: Breakdown

Level 21: Pitfalls

Level 22: Burnt Offerings

Level 23: Unholy Temple

Level 24: No Escape

Level 28: The Absolution

Fun Levels

Level 25: Cat and Mouse

Level 26: HardCore

Level 27: Playground

The Lost Levels

Level 34: Plant Ops

Level 35: Evil Sacrifice

Level 36: Cold Grounds

Level 37: Wretched Vats

Level 38: Thy Glory

Level 39: Final Judgement

Level 40: Panic