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There are 49 Lands in Forager split into 5 biomes in a 7×7 grid. When you start the game you begin in the very center. Lands will become progressively more expensive the more of them you purchase.  The lands in the center are Grass, to the east, Desert, the north, Winter, the west, Graveyard and the south, Fire. The location of the biomes remains the same with each game but the location of the lands in each one are randomized.

Grass Biome

Grass biomes spawn Flowers, Berries, Fiber, Beets and Wheat, as well as the regular ores and trees. They can be identified by their grass floor.

Grass Lands

Land with Four Pillars
Small Island
Fairy Fountain
Rainbow Pond
The Druid’s Treehouse
Land of the Giant Beets
Land with Foraging Obelisk

Desert Biome

The desert lands can be found to the right of center. They’re identified by their sandy ground. Aside from the standard ores and trees you can also find Hot Pepper and Cactus Fruit.

Desert Lands

Land of the Desert Princess
Ancient Tomb
Land of the Old Man
Ancient Constellation Tower
Land with the Eye Statue
Land with the Laser Sentinels
Land with the Mining Obelisk
Land Where Flowers Don’t Live
Land with the Moon Sword Obelisk

Graveyard Biome

The graveyard lands can be found to the left of center. They spawn gravestones that release Skeletons when destroyed. There are no ores on these lands but they do produce Pumpkins and Nightshades. Graveyard lands have dark grey ground.

Graveyard Lands

Skull Tower
Land with Piles of Bones
Skull Maze
Land with Skull Braziers
Land with Dark Bells
Land with Woodcutter Obelisk
Land with Colored Pedestals
Mr. Hopfrog’s Island
Land with Proximity Spike Traps
Land with Piles of Bones

Winter Biome

The Winter lands can be found to the north and are identified by their snowy landscape. In addition to ores and wood they also spawn Lavender and Crystals.

Winter Lands

Magic Stag Land
Frozen Galaxy Tower
Crystal Cave
Land with the Giant Crystal
Land of the Ice Ghost
Land with the Frozen Chest
Land of the Fox Person
Land of the Ghost Friend
Land with the Builder Obelisk
Land with Stone Princess Statue

Fire Biome

The Fire biome to the south has red colored ground. There are no trees here but you can harvest Cinderbloom and catch Lava Eels. There are 10 lands to purchase here.

Fire Lands

Land with Shrine
Fire Galaxy Tower
Land with Fiire Chests
Land with Combat Obelisk
Fire Temple
Land of the Engineer’s Factory
Land of the Wizard’s Tower
Land with Dark Shrine
Land with ‘Light’s Out’ Pillar Puzzle
Land with Numbers Puzzle

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