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Memory Shards: 8
Artifacts: 3
Audiologs: 1

Memory Shard #1 – Kill the first enemy and turn to the right to spot the shard.

Memory Shard #2 – Next to the first shielded enemy.

Memory Shard #3 – Continue along the main path to the door blocked by lasers. Just past it on the right you’ll find the shard.

Hidden Challenge – Near to the previous shard you’ll find the terminal where you can take this challenge. You’ll get a few memory shards for getting through all the cyber gates within 40 seconds.

Memory Shard #4 – Following the path to hack one of the terminals you’ll need to glide along the rails. The shard will be on one of the rails.

Memory Shard #5 – Behind some boxes on a platform between glide sections.

Artifact #1 (DIY Toy) – After completing the glide section turn around and glide back the way you came. You’ll spot the artifact at the end of the line so grapple across to it.

Memory Shard #6 – Go back to the center area with the challenge terminal and climb up. On a ledge higher up you’ll find the shard.

Memory Shard #7 – A bit further down you’ll see a ventilation grate that you can break open. Smash through it and follow the path to the shard.

Audiolog #1 – Return the way you came and swing across the bars. Slide on the rails and smash through the ventilation grate in the center structure. Inside you’ll find the Audiolog.

Artifact #2 (Video Tape) – On the way to hack the next terminal you’ll spot a small entrance in a wall. Go through to a small room where you’ll find the artifact. Pull the switch to turn off the lasers so you can get out of the room.

Memory Shard #8 – In the main center area higher up and hidden behind some crates.

Artifact #3 (Ghostrunner Miniature) – Continue forwards and smash through a wall. Dodge past the moving lasers down the corridor to find the final artifact.

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