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Memory Shards: 9
Swords: 2

Artifacts: 1
Audiologs: 1

Memory Shard #1 – After the cyber terminal section and opening the giant door follow the main path until you kill the first set of enemies. Just off to the right you’ll spot the first shard.

Memory Shard #2 – Follow the main path to the grapple point. Instead of grappling across the gap grapple up to the ledge immediately above to find the shard.

Memory Shard #3 – Swing along the bars and turn to the left once you land on the bridge platform.

Audiolog #1 – Follow the main path until it splits off with a path ahead and a path to the right. Take the path to the right and do parkour across the disappearing platforms around to the room with the audiolog.

Memory Shard #4 – Follow the main path and you’ll spot it on the center of a ramp as you slide down.

Artifact #1 (Mask of the Arcane Sacrificer) – Follow the main path until you get the shadow skill. When you return to the spot where you block the beam with your shadow the artifact will be behind the barrier to the right. Blocking the beam also removes the barrier to this artifact.

Memory Shard #5 – Continue along the main path until you need to grapple up. Then head to the right and smash through the wall for the shard.

Sword #1 (The Internal Static) – In the room with the two buttons that you need to press simultaneously by using shadow skill. Press the button on the left to open the barrier near the entrance. Smash through the side wall and pull the switch to turn off the electricity. Now press the button on the right side to turn off the barrier in front of the sword. You’ll need to run back and go through the side room and the hole in the wall, then grapple up to the sword.

Sword #2 (The Electric Dream) – Follow the main path and go to the right. Place a shadow on the beam and parkour up for the wall run. While you’re blocking the second beam during the wall run shuriken the button to remove the electric barrier. Drop down and grab the sword.

Memory Shard #6 – On the main path and can’t be missed.

Memory Shard #7 – Follow the main path and when you grapple up turn to the right and grapple up again for the shard.

Hidden Challenge – In the large room where you killed all the enemies you’ll find the terminal on the left. For the gold reward you’ll need to kill all the enemies within 35 seconds.

Memory Shard #8 – Go through the next door and you’ll spot the shard on the right.

Memory Shard #9 – From the last shard look to the left bridge, drop down under it and dash to the shard on a ledge.

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