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The Countryside

Pick up the Dolmen and the Stone right next to where you’re standing. Place Blount on the lever of the dragon trap and then have Chump try to take the meat. Blount will be flung off and onto the Castle. Switch back to Blount and lift up the roof of the princess to speak with her and then speak with the king also.

Drop back down and use the Dolmen on the thorns next to the knight and then speak to Knight Brayar. He’ll give you a bottle of Memorum.

Walk over the bridge and pick up the Millstone. Use the Millstone on the basin to wet it and turn it into a Sponge. Use the Sponge on the fire and then grab the Fork. With the Fork use it to grab the Meat on the dragon trap.

Use the Coin on the ear of the giant skull and place the Fork in the nostril. We’ll be coming back here soon but for now head into the inn.


Pick up the Spoon half hidden behind the statue. Place the Spoon on the stone just to the right of Chump. Climb up the ladder and speak with the Captain and Korin. Walk back down the ladder.

In the center of the Inn there’s a fissure in the wall. Climb through the fissure to appear in a mug. Grab a cube of Sugar and climb back through the mug. Have Chump stand on the customer’s hand in the room at the back of the inn. Now bring Blount up to speak with the customer and then give him the Sugar. He’ll knock Chump off and Chump will grab the leash. Pick up the Leash and go back through the fissure to grab another cube of Sugar.

Climb through the mug and have Chump stand on the handle of the spoon. Switch to Blount and place the Sugar on the other end of the spoon and Chump will fly up to a ledge. Walk Blount up to the Captain’s outstretched hand. Switch to Chump and have him sniff the paprika. He’ll sneeze and as the paprika is falling down quickly switch to Blount. Use the Meat on the paprika as it falls down to turn it into Spiced Meat.

Walk back down and pick up the Sugar. Climb up again and give the Stone to Korin. She likes it so much that she’ll let you use her sword. There’s more to do in the Countryside so leave the inn the way you came.


Use the Memorum on the basin and then place the Spiced Meat on the fork. The dragon will take a drink and regain his memory. The Dragon decides to come with you for a while. Take the Coin and enter the Inn.


Use the Plunger on the pedestal just under the cage and then the Leash on the plunger. Climb up the leash and speak to Othello. Give the Coin to Othello and he’ll give you a Key to the little door down below. Use the Key on the door to Othello’s house and then send the Dragon into Othello’s house. The dragon will bring you a Bill. Before you forget climb back up the leash and return the Key to Othello to get your Coin back.

Go over to the Captain and show him the Bill. He’ll drop a letter for the grocer. Pick up the Letter. Make your way over to the knob of Korin’s sword and look at it. You’ll get a vision of Wynonna.

The Fortress

There’s a little spiked creature on a stump overhanging the side of the cliff. Click on the little beast to grab some of it’s spikes which can be used as a Wick. Grab the Gunpowder from the keg in the top left and then pick up the Wand next to the feet of the robed figure. Use the Wand on the Flint at the head of the robed figure to reveal Ooya, the magician.

Pick up the Flint and then use the Flint on the pan flute to break it. It’ll shatter into small tubes. Pick up a Small Tube. Wynonna will place it into the hollow of a stone. Use the Flint on the small tube to make a flute. Grab the Flute and give it to the guy who had the pan flute, Metahualpa. He’ll start playing it and attract a condor. Switch to Ooya and have him stand on the top of the tree stump near the little beasty. Click on the condor to jump across to it. He’ll grab one of his bags with magic spells.

Switch back to Wynonna and pick up the Flute. Use the Wand on the helmet and then pick up the Helmet. Use the Flint on the tree stump to the very right of the screen and use the Helmet to grab some of the Birdlime that runs from the tree stump.

Walk back up and grab another Small Tube. You’re going to be making an explosive. Use the Powder on the tube, the Wick on the tube and finally the Birdlime on the tube. Now use the Flint on the stone behind it to light the Dynamite. Try to throw the dynamite to the rock down below but it will get stuck to Wynonna’s hand.

Don’t be discouraged, just try again. Grab another Small Tube and then use the Powder, Wick and Birdlime. Light it with the Flint and this time throw it at the rock, revealing a small bamboo plant underneath. Switch to Ooya and click on the bamboo plant. Ooya will make it grow.

Switch to Wynonna and grab another Small Tube. Make an explosive as before and throw it at the brick of the tower. Wynonna will run out of wick. Switch to Ooya and click on the small skull that wore the helmet to make hair grow. Switch back to Wynonna and grab the hair to use as a Wick.

Make another explosive and throw it at the beam of the tower. Make another explosive and throw it at the door. The small dynamite isn’t powerful enough to destroy the whole tower so go and pick up the Bamboo to use as a big tube. Place the Big Tube in the hollow as before and make a large stick of dynamite. Use the large dynamite to blow up the grate of the window, the small window and the wall of the tower.

Eventually Fourbalus will surrender, but he’s only tricking and will cast a spell on Wynonna, turning her into a butterfly.


Leave the inn out the back door to go to the next section.

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