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The Ship

You begin on a ship with the little goblin Blount. Left click to perform an action and right click to select items from your inventory. First take the Golf Club and then search the Toolbox twice on the right to find the Pepper Pot and the Plunger.

At the back right of the deck you’ll notice the rope tied in a knot. Click on the Knot to untie it and Chump the Parrot will be lowered down. Use the Golf Club on Chump to free him but he’ll get stuck in a hole. Use the Plunger on Chump to lift him out of the hole.

Use the Coin on the Screw in the wall and then grab the Hook that falls down. Use the Hook on the rope with the Loop in it. Switch over to Chump and have him jump on the Weight on the other end of the rope. The hook will lower down through the hole and lift up an umbrella. Quickly switch to Blount and grab the Umbrella.

Move Blount onto the hand on the right and then have Chump jump on the Flagstone. Picture shown below.

Blount will be catapulted up to the roof. Take the Tooth, jump down and go to the barrel hanging over the far end of the ship. Jump into the barrel and use the Umbrella on the Hole in the barrel. It’s hard to spot but the hole is at the top on the left side of the barrel. Finally use the Tooth on the rope to cut it and free the barrel.

The Idol

Use the Umbrella on the left most Hot Air vent, closest to the statue and Blount will float up to it. Look in the Crevice in the teeth and Blount will spot a pretty prisoner.

To take out the guards use the Golf Club on Herkules and then use the Golf Club on Gromelon. Pick up the Toasted Bread and then give the Coin to Mac. While Mac is looking at the coin hit him with the Golf Club. Pick up the Coin and use the Toasted Bread in the Helmet. Use the Golf Club on the Toasted Bread in the Helmet to make crumbs. Pick up the Crumbs and then stand on the Flagstone just to the right of the statue. Blount will get thrown over to the other side.

Pick up the Hand and then use the Crumbs on Banzai. While he’s scratching himself use the Golf Club on him. Pick up the Shield. Walk to the right and use the Hand on Kendo. While he’s shaking it hit him with the Golf Club. Pick up the Hand. Put the Shield on the Branch. Walk behind Zembla and use the Pepper on him. He’ll sneeze and fall off. Pick up the Club that he drops and move Blount close to Django. Have Chump stand on the rock to the right of Django and click on Django to tease him. While Django is sticking his toungue out switch to Blount and grab his Tongue.

Use the Club to complete the ladder at the top of the screen and climb up. Switch to Chump and have him annoy Punky. While Punky is leaning forwards switch to Blount and push the Stone onto Punky.


Search around for the Matches which should be just to Blount’s left and pick them up. Use the Matches on the Rough Spot towards the top of the screen and the screen will light up. Locations are shown below.

Take the Ladle hanging from the light source and the Scythe to take a piece of it. Talk to the Bat and then use the Scythe on the three Dens. They’re the grey-colored circular objects on the wall. This will release three different colored Wisps. Use the Ladle on the writing on the wall to get some Blood. Place the Blood in the Pirate’s Bottle and then pick up the bottle of Blood.

Use the Matches on the Pirate’s Wooden Leg to set it on fire. The Yellow Wisp will be attracted to the fire.¬†Walk close to the clown on the left and cut the Tube (Syringe) with the Scythe. You can now take the Spectacles from the clown and grab the piece of tube with Water.

Click on the Skull to open the top and the Blue Wisp will go inside. Place the Spectacles on the Skull. Click on the Skull again to close the top and Blount will grab the Blue Wisp. Take the Spectacles.

Use Water on the Fire on the Pirate’s leg and then grab the Yellow Wisp. Go back to the light bowl and place the Yellow Wisp and the Blue Wisp inside. Now a skeleton hand will appear just above the writing.

Click on the green hand to take the Cork. Place the bottle of Blood on the Pedestal just to the right of the hand to attract the Red Wisp. Use the Cork on the bottle to trap the Red Wisp.

Go back to the bowl and use the Ladle to take out the Blue Wisp. You’ll notice a Yellow Button in the wall with the writing. Press the button and a mirror will fall down to your left. Pick up the Mirror and place the Blue Wisp back in the light bowl. The hand will reappear. Place the Mirror in the hand.

Use the Ladle to take out the Yellow and Blue Wisp. Place the Red Wisp in the bowl. Talk to the Red Vampire and then give the Scythe piece to the red vampire. Place the Blue Wisp in the bowl and then use the Spectacles on the Ghost that appears. Place the Yellow Wisp in the bowl.

Light should bounce off the mirror, spectacles and vampire’s tooth, back into the bowl. This ends the first section.

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