Test of Speed

After having collected the work order in the last part you can now proceed to free Triumph and begin the Test of Speed.

To free Triumph head through the dark cave and continue along the path until you find Triumph stuck in a trap. The tree is too big to chop down but Amaya shouldn’t have any trouble with it so stick the work order on the tree.

Start walking back. Before you get too far Amaya will come running with the crumbler and free Triumph. After a brief chat with the two knights, Larry and Kyle, the Speed Test will begin.

Dodge the barricades to the left and right and jump when you need to.  You’ll be given some choices on the first lap to try and distract Whisper but you can’t win this round so don’t worry about it too much.

King's Quest Test of SpeedKing's Quest Winning Test of Speed

On the second lap, just before the trees overhanging the road, tell Whisper that you bet he can’t win “…Standing on your hands.”

When you come to the barricades tell him bet you can win “…Backwards.”

Lastly, when you’re close to the finish line tell him you bet he can’t win “…And talk with that guard.”

With all of these distractions you’ll finally be able to win the Test of Speed! Continue on with the Test of Strength.