Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light is a spin-off from the Tomb Raider series and while the style of gameplay is vastly different from the original it’s still an excellent game.

Guardian of Light is more of an action-arcade game with an isometric camera. It features challenging puzzles, great level design, plenty of combat and some tough bosses. There’s lots of items to collect and challenges to complete in each level for extra bonuses.

Most players will go through the single-player campaign but Guardian of Light also has a co-op mode with more advanced puzzles. In the co-op mode one player will play as Lara while the other plays as Totec, the Guardian of Light.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Walkthrough

Level 1: The Temple of Light
Level 2: Temple Grounds
Level 3: Spider Tomb
Level 4: The Summoning
Level 5: Forgotten Gate
Level 6: Toxic Swamp
Level 7: Flooded Passage
Level 8: The Jaws of Death
Level 9: Twisting Bridge
Level 10: Fiery Depths
Level 11: Belly of the Beast
Level 12: Stronghold Passage
Level 13: The Mirror’s Wake
Level 14: Xolotl’s Stronghold